Friday, 13 February 2015

10 Things: Week 6

1. Read - Animal Farm by George Orwell. I had thought I'd read this before although couldn't be sure if it was a version aimed at children; I thought no harm in giving it ago again. It's a slim volume and was perfect to read over a couple of leisurely bubble baths. Really the amount of baths v. showers I have these days it's a wonder I've not shrunk.

2. Made - I haven't made a single thing. Although there has been a fair amount of plotting concerning the quilt for me to use in the camper van. I was sold on tumblers and then I saw the Amsterdam Quilt pattern and I'm wondering if I could adapt that. Although could Chief cope with flowers in the van?! I have also just this afternoon decided to make another Super Tote so I've started cutting out pieces.

3.Watched - Another week of watching very little of note on TV. Although my little Father Brown addiction continues. It's perfect for watching or having on in the back ground as I wind down from work.

4. Worn - I have relegated my baker boy cap of choice to the back of the cupboard after as slight (but very painful) head hitting incident in the camper van. The peak of the cap obscured my view enough for me to give my head a good crack on the cab when climbing in from the back of the van. I told Chief I needed a woolly hat instead. (I was dreaming of those pretty hand knitted beanies that crop up on in IG in the feeds of all those wonderful knitters.) Chief on the other hand took of his black military beanie and handed me that. I may now advertise a defunct regiment, but I can't fault it for warmth.

5. Eaten - Saturday I had a belated birthday lunch at The Greyhound.  It was yummy. Chief and I have been there three times and it's always yummy. I was too busy eating to photograph my food. I did get a shot of this blue and white china that Chiefs cup of tea was served in. We were messing with camera settings whilst we waited for our food to arrive.

The Greyhound, Besselsleigh 

The Greyhound, Besselsleigh

6. Visited/Seen - I have at last ventured somewhere! Chief got down in his new camper van (Gertie) and we headed off to Farmoor. It was cold and grey and we saw very little bird life and the decision to head straight to The Greyhound was an easy one. After lunch we headed to Otmoor. When we returned to the van it was blocked in by several abandoned cars in the car park. At weekends the car park can get very full with so many people flocking (excuse the pun!) to see the starling murmuration. Still with Gertie so well equipped waiting wasn't a drama: gas heating, freshly made hot chocolate and a quick lay down watching the rugby.

Otmoor, Oxfordshire
Otmoor: It's looking quite bleak this time of year.

Otmoor, Oxfordshire

Having a hot chocolate in Gertie
Hot choc time in 'Gertie'

7. Recommended - It has to be camper vans. I still have some reservations re security etc. But I'm completely sold on 'Gertie' and can't wait for our first trip away!

8. Stash - Out 0  In 0

9. Birds - The list is now at 45 thanks to the Otmoor and Farmoor trips. Ironic considering we didn't see that many birds! I was so happy that when we turned up at Otmoor the first birds we saw were bullfinches. Sadly not the right light or location for photographs.

10. And Finally - I'm hoping to cram a lot into this weekend so there may be more sewing blog posts on the horizon!


  1. Hot chocolate sounds good! Looks like you had a nice time! Happy sewing :)

  2. It sounds like you've had a good week.
    I saw your comment on Hadley's blog. It would be great if made a quilt for the charity.

  3. I really look forward to these posts now. I haven't sewn much either but I did get a bit of cross stitch done.

  4. I love all that quilt plotting and then you start making a Super Tote! Sounds like the sort of thing I'd do! If you need something else to sew feel free to make some blocks for the Siblings Together quilt ;-)

  5. Sounds like a lovely weekend - hope the egg on your head has gone down!

  6. Go for the flowers! And perhaps a cushion re-cover ;o)

  7. Your weekend sounded really fun, except for the head bump. If you show Chief "The Amsterdam" quilt upside down, the pattern almost appears to be arrows. ;-)


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