Friday, 27 February 2015

10 Things: Week 8

1.Read: I'm still plugging away with both the Rhoninton Mistry book and the Val McDermid one. Maybe if I was only reading one by now I'd actually have had one finished. I'm conscious I need to get the next book group choice and read it too. I've also been reading and re-reading the piece the family have asked me to read at the funeral.

2. Made: I had plans for making that just didn't happen in what's been a busy and difficult week. I feel numb and unable to settle and conscious of all the stuff I need to get done.

3. Watched: I've been watching that zombie apocalypse reality show on BBC3. More out of curiosity than anything else. It's pretty slow viewing to be honest. But they do make the victims look like they are being properly attacked by zombies.

4. Worn: I promised pictures of me in the hats of late and pictures you get. Or at least one picture because it's the only one I've got of me in one of the hats. I'll still be friends with you even if you snicker.  In fact I'd be more surprised if you didn't snicker.

Me looking like a twit at Blenheim Palace
You even get me pulling a silly face as just as he was going 
to take the shot I spotted a kestrel zoom over his head and land on Blenheim 
Palace - see the picture below

5. Eaten: Mum's birthday was on Thursday and we were all going out for a family meal. However, my brother got ill and we've had to postpone. I suggested I made her afternoon tea and we had a little celebration at home with my niece coming in after school to join in.

Mum's Birthday tea

6. Visited/Seen: Chief got down last weekend and we had a few trips out including spending the morning at Blenheim Palace. We have annual passes so can spend as little or as much time there as we want.

Reflections of Blenheim 
Interesting 'balls' on the lawn at Blenheim. Nicely reflect the palace.

Blenheim Palace, Woodstock

Kestrel at Blenheim
The kestrel that caused me to pull the funny face above.

7. Recommended:  Nothing springs to mind this week.

8. Stash: In 0 Out 0. I am very conscious I need to sort out my scraps which have started to overflow badly. Think fabric Niagra out of a plastic box!

9. Birds Thanks to a trip to Blenheim Palace and a drive around our usual countryside circuit out between the villages of Chalgrove and Ewelme I have managed to add a few more birds to my list. Including Ravens! The highlight of our Blenheim trip was being able to photograph that male kestrel that kindly posed for us on the house.

10. And finally: I'm hoping things will return more to normality next week.


  1. Zombie apocalypse reality show, now I've heard it all...

    Loving the palace reflecting teacakes!

  2. mmmm tunnocks mallows, lovely . The kestrel is so still it looks like a sculpture!

  3. Yep I've seen the first I Survived A Zombie Apocalypse too and came to the conclusion it was slow and boring because they needed to introduce the characters. I was worried it was going to be Big Brother style crap until the challenge right at the end where they went for the bedding and then the body bags started to move. At that point I decided it was probably worth watching the second one. Not sure when it is actually on though, I've TiVo-ed it and haven't seen episode 2 yet....


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