Saturday, 28 February 2015

The Quilt for Gertie

When I say a quilt for Gertie. I actually mean a quilt for me to use in Gertie. It is going to just about break every rule in Chief's book as I've already been warned I'm not going to be allowed to fill her with "Girlie S***". But one little quilt to keep me warm is hardly filling her with 'Girlie S***' and as I feel very much like a guest when I'm in her. (No doubt it's his territory.) I do want to have a little bit of something that makes me feel more at home when I'm out and about.

The major difference between Chief and me is that Chief puts practicality over beauty. And whilst I can be as practical as the next person, I can't see why you can't mix beauty with practicality. I like colour. I like texture. He may not understand how a bunch of nice flowers can make my heart sing, let alone get why I love fabrics. Colour makes me happy. So I've decided the quilt for me to use in Gertie will be the Amsterdam Quilt and today I made a start.

No fancy design wall for me. Couldn't even remember where I put the washi tape so it's taped
to the wall with a torn customs sticker!

I have made 8 of these blocks today. Two I've trimmed a bit too much so they're about a quarter of an inch smaller than the rest so I may have a final row of the mistakes! I've put them to one side for now and joined four blocks together with wider sashing than the pattern calls for because I'm trying to get this quilt up to size without having to make loads of flowers. 

The actual block comes together quickly and easily (more so when you concentrate and don't rush! More haste, less speed and all that.) 

A while back Leanne sent me a bloc-loc ruler. This is genius for squaring up half squared triangles. It makes such a huge difference.  I have always had a bit of a problem with HST's and have come to dread any block that requires them. Mine still aren't perfect but they're a lot nearer to it than they were previously thanks to the bloc-loc ruler. 

I am trying to make this quilt entirely from stash. Although I will need to buy some wadding as I used my last 'roll' up.  I've been getting through the low volume fabrics lately too so I may have to buy some more of low volume stash blenders. I'll see how I go. I'm really wanting to use up some stash. But why is it I can have so much fabric and still so much that won't play nicely together?! 


  1. your flowers are beautiful... a bit sneaky ..BUT have you thought of putting a "manly" and practical fleece on the back? ... might just win him over .. and once its there ...

  2. Up with the pretty quilts I say.

  3. Lovely flowers! Gives you a real spring feeling.

  4. I love those flowers. I fell in love with the design seeing Hadley's quilts for her girls, just another to add to my must sew list. x

  5. Go team practical and pretty. Love your Amsterdam quilt. It's on my list of to do.

  6. It's going to be fabulous! Is it going to live in Gertie? If so, you could always put a 'less girly' fabric on the back so that Chief can have it back side out when you're not there but I think your best bet is to just take it home with you each time...


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