Friday, 13 March 2015

10 Things: Week 10

1. Read: I finally finished Family Matters by Rohinton Mistry. I didn't enjoy it as much as A Fine Balance but it was still worth reading. I also finished Wreckage by Emily Bleeker, which I found an easy read with a few twists and turns I didn't expect. So I have new books for the Kindle and the bath. I have started reading: Stardust by Neil Gaiman on my Kindle. I saw the film at Christmas and found it quite enchanting so thought it would be a good one to read when I saw it on a kindle deal. For the bath I'm reading Oxford Letters by Veronica Stallwood. I had read Oxford Exit before and had been saving this one until I could get some of the novels in between. I'm not sure it's crucial to read them in order but I usually find that there are reoccurring back stories that progress through a series of books. However, next month I'm off to the Bookcrossing World Convention in Oxford and I could do with some Oxford books to take with me so it made sense to get on with reading it.

2. Made: Jude shared this lovely tutorial for a little fabric basket, perfect for stuffing with chocolates. I decided to make one for my partner in the Spring Time Surprises Swap. I think these would make great Easter gifts and will probably be making more shortly!


3. Watched: Poldark on Sunday. I do like a good period drama and have very vague recollections of this show when they did a version in the 1970's. I was relieved that unlike last years BBC dramatisation of Jamaica Inn - you could actually hear what the actors were saying.

4. Worn: I have been venturing outside without a coat. I still need a thermal top on at work though so I'm not banishing the winter clothes just yet.

Me the other side of the spinney

5. Eaten As my brothers family had a fair bit of illness around Mum's birthday we didn't get to go out for a family meal as planned. Last Sunday we were invited down for lunch at theirs to have a belated celebration and my niece made dessert! It's a flour less torte with ground almonds being used in place of the flour. It was yummy!

Lunch at Derek and Claire's

6. Visted/Seen: Reindeer in the Oxfordshire countryside. Who'd have thought it?  I took this picture when I came out of The Crazy Bear Farm Shop. They have all kinds of animals in their fields. But I LOVE to see the Reindeer the best.


7. Recommended I bought myself a Japanese Razor Hoe because it'll be just the job for weeding around plants and readying my raised beds. I've already decided I want a cuttings patch and planted Sweet Williams in the Autumn. Whilst I love the idea of veg growing I tend to grow veg and not eat the majority of it. Twice I've grown beetroots and then they've spoiled whilst I procrastinated about what to do with them.  I'm going to limit the veg and concentrate on flowers so I can get back into a bit of flower arranging.

Japanese Razor Hoe 

8. Stash  In: 2 yards (and a Liberty Scrap Pack) Out: fat 8th!  Ok so a lot more in than out. Hopefully when I can get back to sewing I can remedy that.

9. Birds Again nothing new to report. I need to get out with Chief who's own list is way over 100 for the year now!

10. And Finally I've a very busy week next week. Including time away with Chief. Lots to look forward to and hopefully lots to come back and blog about.


  1. love veronica stallwood, first read them ten years ago when my sons went to oxford, to give me a flavour. The only fault is she doesn't write enough of them.

  2. ps hit a bird or rather a bird hit my car on Wednesday, a real loud thud. It flew off, surprisingly, but whether it survived or not I don't know. I was large brown and speckly. Too big for a and bright brown for a female pheasant. Hope it wasn't a pheasant as that would make 3 dead/injured pheasants I had seen in a week

  3. I started A Fine Balance this week and am really liking it, it is certainly a good thick book so should keep me happy for a while. x

  4. I bet the Bookcrossing conference is interesting. Great picture of you in your thermal top and camera strap. :) And lucky you seeing the reindeer. I haven't seen any caribou this winter.


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