Friday, 27 March 2015

10 Things: Week 12

Hot on the heels of the last post of ten things I'm back with this weeks round up. Can't believe I've managed to blog for this many weeks and hope the format is something people are still enjoying. I suspect I'd not be checking in weekly or even monthly if it wasn't for these posts to prompt me.

1. Read: Touching the Void is still the bath time read. Only I've not done the bubble bath thing this week so it's been untouched. I have been reading my Kindle and am over half way through Stardust by Neil Gaiman. It's like the film with a few differences, as is often the case.

2. Made: Despite the post sickness fatigue meaning I'm in bed each night by 9pm and struggling to do much of quality in the day I decided mid week I had to make something and as I'd recently bought some lovely buttery soft voile from The Village Haberdashery I decided that I'd whip up an infinity scarf. Really less than 15 minutes and it was done and ready to wear.

Infinity scarf

3. Watched: I keep forgetting to watch Gardeners World now it's back on TV. It's lovely to watch together with Mum on iplayer when we do remember.

4. Worn: I may bump this for a better category as this is the one I struggle with the most. I can't even show you a picture of me wearing the infinity scarf as I'm still post sickness pasty and I thought my mug might detract from the beautiful fabric. I'm thinking from next time I should maybe do garden/flowers.

5. Eaten: I've been a bit funny with food this week. My appetite has not fully returned and I find I'm filled quickly and not really enthused by anything.  The only food I have photographed is blurry. That's what happens when you take a quick snap before you eat and it looks good enough on the camera. Only when you upload it it's not.

Twice baked potato skins
Twice baked potatoes

6. Visited/Seen: I haven't been anywhere other than work and the supermarket. However, I have seen violets out in little clumps in the most unexpected places all over my garden. They are my favourite flower and just seeing these makes me smile!

Favourite little flower

7. Recommended: The lovely Jude has some fab deals on fabric in her etsy shop right now. I may have needed to restrain myself in purchasing. (And not succeeded terribly well considering I'm supposing to be using stash not buying more!)

8. Stash In. 4 yards!!! Out 3/4 yard. It took a half yard to make the infinity scarf and I probably sent a further quarter yard in scraps to Lynz who was in need of some purples. Purples are the hardest colour to find. My stash only lacks two colours more: Yellow - although I have rectified this a bit, and Red. Red mainly because I made a Christmas quilt that wiped out what little red I did have and it's not a colour in fabric I particularly like so the pattern/design has to be really something to tempt me away from the blue/green/orange/pink palette.

9. Birds: After 16 last week 0 to report new this week.

10. And Finally: The forecast is not great for the weekend so I'm hoping to get working on using up that stash. I have some birthday sewing I'd like to do and also some more tulips for the Amsterdam quilt. I also want to do a little secret sewing which I'll probably hide in plain sight on here.


  1. I really like the infinity scarf. I wear a lot of scarves as they are great for hiding an ageing neckline. x

  2. Your scarf is really cute. The twice baked potatoes looked really yummy. Violets are my favorite flower too!! I love how they peek out of the foliage that surrounds them.


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