Friday, 6 March 2015

10 Things: Week 9

1. Read: The Val McDermid novel got finished on my kindle. Didn't really see who'd done it until it was about to be revealed. Surprising as I'd watched the Wire in the Blood series on TV which was based on this series of books. Just be warned if you're thinking of reading these books they are pretty graphic and gory.  Now I've started 'Wreckage' by Emily Bleeker.  I've only read about 20% of it so far, so I can't tell you too much. It's about a plane crash and what happens when the survivors are rescued and become media darlings but are they all telling the truth about what happened.

2.Made: I've started making an Amsterdam quilt for me to use in Gertie.  I have about 10.5 tulips made so far and then the week got in the way and it's been untouched since the weekend. I'm going to use wider sashing to help get the quilt up to a usable size. I was hoping to make it entirely from stash but as I wanted some red tulips and am woefully short of red I have ordered a couple of fat quarters of fabric to use.

Still doing a spot of flower arranging
Amsterdam Quilt - I'm enjoying making these tulips

3. Watched: TV watching has been pretty disjointed this week as I've had a lot on.  I have been enjoying re-runs of Enterprise as ever since I was a child I enjoyed the whole Star Trek thing.

4. Worn: The problem with the whole worn category is it requires me either to do selfies (and I'm the worlds worst at them.) or get someone to take a picture for me of what I've been wearing. This week though I did put on a posh frock (for me!) because I had a funeral to attend where colour was requested. I went for a dress I'd bought but, not worn for another occasion. It's teal with a black leaf/flower design. I felt I had to make an effort not least because I'd be standing up in church reading a piece chosen by the family!

5. Eaten: The celebration of life after the funeral was a two course sit down meal at a very lovely gastro pub near to me: The Mole.  We'd been asked to choose from a set menu prior to the lunch and I opted for Aylesbury duck on a bed of mash with herbs and peas.  I hate peas and am not a fan of mash but luckily there were some yummy roasted new potatoes on the table for those that had chosen the smoked haddock option so I was in no danger of starving!  Dessert for me was a passion fruit and mango pavlova.  It was very civilised and a nice way to remember our special friend and chat with other friends and family.  It's just a shame someone has to die to have these occasions! Mum has already requested a return visit to the pub and she's not even a foodie.

6. Visited/Seen: The place I've visited the most this week is our local church yard. Whether it was to line the path up to the church with pots of spring flowers prior to the funeral; attend the funeral or take Mum to see the flowers afterwards.

Holton Church
pots of spring flowers lining the path to the village church
(these have been planted in the church yard as they are all 
native wild flowers.)

7. Recommended: If you're somewhere in the world right now where the weather is improving do venture our for a walk. The spring flowers are pretty abundant at the moment and I think it lifts everyone's mood to get some exercise and see some pretty flowers. Well, I know it does mine!

Wildflowers by the church
aconites, snowdrops, primroses and soon daffodils all in a field behind our local church

8. Stash: In: 2 yards Out: 2 yards. IG has become my new tempter of fabrics. I've bought some lovelies this week and forgot to take a picture of any. Suffice to say there was a fat quarter of some novelty vintage sheeting and some lovely Denyse Schmidt. I'm saying 2 yards for out because it's not easy to calculate how much fabric I've used so far on the Amsterdam quilt. It'll be easier once I've made all the blocks.

9. Birds: Nothing of note to report on the bird front. They're definitely courting and nest building though.

10: And finally: I joined up in a spring time surprises swap that was happening via IG. I've tended to avoid swaps on IG because it's not so easy as flickr used to be and most swaps I've seen have been for mini quilts and whilst I don't mind making a mini quilt, I never know what to do with the ones I receive as I don't have suitable wall space to hang them. The spring time swap sets a £5 budget and asks that you're creative to your partners likes/dislikes and anything goes! So I need to get working on that.


  1. Spring? Hahahahaha, it's been snowing here this week! We'll get the flowers sometime in April...

    Your tulips are coming along well

  2. The springtime swap sounds interesting - can't wait to see what you gather for £5!

  3. Your tulips are gorgeous and coming along well, as is your church. I always feel I have to chip in with the books and birds, Val McDermid is far to scary for me, I read the new Hamish Macbeth this week and also the new Alan Bennett complication. Unfortunately I saw not one but two dead pheasants along two separate stretches of motorway last Sunday, don't know what was going on there.

  4. I'm laughing along with Katy about spring! My daffs aren't out yet and my primroses are tightly huddled wee mounds!! Your tulip quilt is lovely. I didn't know you were a Trekkie! I quite liked Enterprise. And how did the church reading go? I was asked to read psalm something-or-other (the shadow of the valley of death one) at my Grandfather's funeral being the eldest grandchild. I was 34 and still couldn't do it!!

  5. I really like your tulips, especially the purple one on the right hand side with cute glasses fabric. The quilt is going to be gorgeous when finished. I tend not to make mini quilts and don't have much wall space either, I think they would become table centre pieces to turned into cushions. x

  6. Added that book to my goodreads list, it sounds like my kind of book- it's brand new too, I hadn't realised.

  7. My FIL was raised by his aunt. Around two years after she died he realised that the last time the whole family had been in the same room was at her funeral so he decided that everyone should get together once a year. This Good Friday over thirty of us will be meeting for lunch and then go en-masse for a walk along the seafront. If it weren't for the wedding I have on the Saturday and the Christening on Sunday I'd be looking forward to it!


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