Friday, 3 April 2015

10 Things: Week 13

1. Read: Stardust is finished and I'm still pondering what to read on my kindle. Touching the Void has been languishing as the last bubble bath I had was accompanied by a tiredness induced headache and reading didn't appeal. We had book group on Wednesday discussing Mister Pip where I realised (as it often the case) I got far more out of reading it than I realised.

2. Made: Lots more Amsterdam blocks! In fact at time of typing I have three more tulip blocks and a bit of sashing and I'll have a quilt top!

Good Friday

3. Watched: I stumbled across: Back in Time for Dinner on BBC 2 on Tuesday night. They were up to the 1970's so I'll have to seek out previous episodes on iplayer. The format is a family spend 10 days going through each year in a decade and eating the food of that era.  They're given a kitchen/dining room of the era. I have to say being born in the 1970's I felt quite nostalgic when I saw the garish wallpaper and spider plants. I find these kinds of programmes very interesting because they show how socially things changed, often due to things that we all now take for granted. Like I had no idea that when the deep freeze became popular in 1970's you could go to Iceland and buy your frozen peas, carrots etc loose like you would fresh fruit and veg'.  It was also the era we started to eat convenience foods and the highly processed foods like pot noodle and pickled onion flavoured Monster Munch (two of Chiefs favourites!). Although there was also a movement to be more healthy with 'The Good Life' style of food. Era's on the programme from now on will be especially interesting for me as I've lived through them.

4. Worn  My garden/Flowers: It seems far more appropriate to switch this category to one far more doable - my garden/flowers! Now the weather is warming I'm noticing new things in my garden every day like these green and black iris', which I'm told smell lovely if ever I could be so inclined to get my nose down that far!  Unfortunately the weather has been too rubbish for pictures!

5. Eaten:  Although long over the tummy bug, I still feel a bit funny around food and am easily filled and just as easily put off foods still.  However, yesterday Mum and I took my niece out for Thai tapas.  It didn't upset my stomach one little bit. It was so yummy!

The Railway, Wheatley
Ketchup and vinegar are only in the picture because Mum
had fish, chips and peas

6. Visited/Seen: I've ventured no where of interest this week. I hope to make up for that over Easter.

7. Recommended: I can't think of a single thing to recommend this time. Apart from maybe Cadbury's Mini Eggs. I stockpiled them from the local shop when I discovered the supermarket had run out!

8. Stash: In 0 Out - at least a 1.5 yards so far making tulip blocks and doing the sashing.

9. Birds: Nothing to report on this score. Just the usual suspects arriving at the garden feeding station.

10. And Finally:  I have decided that I will not be standing as a parish councillor in the May elections. I had the forms filled in ready to be proposed and seconded, only I'd had this nagging sensation ever since I had the forms. A little niggle in the back of my head that was growing on a daily basis and then I woke up and decided I really did not want to stand again. Lots of reasons. But  now the decision has been made I feel so much better for it. I have my last meeting in just over a weeks time.


  1. The Amsterdam blocks are looking lovely, it will be a bright and happy quilt. I haven't seen a thai tapas bar before, good idea though as I like to try lot so of small dishes. x

  2. Your tulips are looking lovely! I suspect not standing for the PC was a wise decision - you've got enough on your plate and this might free up some sewing time!

  3. Love the Amsterdam Quilt. Thai Tapas sounds lovely.

  4. Your Amsterdam blocks are really cheerful! I bet the Thai tapas were delicious. I completely agree with stockpiling Mini Eggs!!

  5. Ooh, may have to watch that!!


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