Friday, 10 April 2015

10 Things: Week 14

1. Read I have The Dinner by Herman Koch on my Kindle. I started it out in the garden in the glorious sunshine. It's been warm enough for shorts on our front bench! I also finished Touching the Void by Joe Simpson. I think I preferred the film.  All the climbing/mountaineering terminology was hard going for a non climber like myself.

2. Made: The Amsterdam quilt top is pieced! No time to get it basted and whilst I've found some fabric from stash that'll do for the backing; it'll need some cutting and piecing to get it to a workable size.

3. Watched: I've been working my way through a Survivors box set.  It was a show from the early 1970's about the survivors of a flu like plague that wiped most of the world out. Survivors is about what happens to the people after the plague has spread. How they rebuild lives and eek out an existence in a world robbed of basics they took for granted in the early 1970's like electricity and cars. Ironic now that as a world we're much more reliant on technology than ever and I always wonder how we'd fare now if a plague wiped most of us out.

4. My Garden/Flowers: I absolutely love this time of year for how something changes in the garden every day.


Japanese Quince


Fritillia uva vulpis

5. Eaten I enjoyed a squid salad. A tub of char grilled squid from the Deli section in Marks and Spencer and some salad stuff from my fridge and I had a tasty salad that is reminding me of the lovely salads I can enjoy throughout the summer now the weather is warming up.

Stopped gardening for lunch

6. Visited/Seen Mum and I had a lovely walk on Easter Sunday. We walked through an area that our village is going to lose to a neighbouring village in a boundary change. Some of the land has been ear marked for affordable housing.  I wanted to get some pictures before the land changes forever.

Next to Fairfax Gate
This wooded area runs along side the A40

Next to Fairfax Gate
This land will become the site of affordable housing.

7. Recommended: Have a clothes audit - it's the perfect time of year to go through your winter clothes and see if you need to add or replace your summer ones. I've made a start on mine and it's been really satisfying.  

8. Stash In 2.5  Out 1 yard.  I bought a lovely bundle of vintage sheet fat quarters from Mary this week. I wanted to boost my stash and haven't been able to go vintage sheet hunting myself. Unfortunately I haven't managed any pictures yet.

9. Birds Nothing to report on this score.  I haven't added any new birds to my list although I'm always keeping an eye out wherever I go!

10. And Finally: By the time you read this (if the scheduling of posts works!) I'll be in Oxford for the World Convention of Bookcrossers, which will no doubt deserve a post of it's own. 


  1. I read The Dinner a few months ago ..what a crazy story!

  2. world convention of book crossers, now that sounds fun. I read the Void a few years ago and like yourself, very good but a lot of it went over my head. Over Easter break I read a Graham Hurley, crime set in Portsmouth, a novel about a real life witch hunt in County Antrim in the 1600s and a Veronica Henry chic lit - none of it challenging but all good fun

  3. I love your TV choices, if I ever want something new to watch I come here ;) Just finished the zombie apocalypse one yesterday and I'm on 1980s of Back in Time for Dinner. Survivors though.... I did watch the remake a few years ago and was gutted that it got axed, so basically Max Beesley jumped into a helicopter and no one knows what happens next... does the 70s version conclude properly?

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing your Amsterdam quilt!


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