Friday, 1 May 2015

10 Things: Week 17

1. Read: I started and finished two books this week already: The Brides Farewell by Meg Rosoff which is a book for young adults/older teens and if you're not familiar with her work I recommend it - particularly: How I live Now. The Brides Farewell is a historically set novel and had atmosphere and the sense of tragedy I associate with novels by Thomas Hardy.  Last Saturday I trawled the local charity shops for two things: Vintage sheets and Veronica Stallwood novels and failed on both counts. Luckily I'd picked up Oxford Blue at the Bookcrossing Convention, so I had my fix of Oxford crime. Even though I didn't intend to do the 52 books in a year thing I am averaging a book a week for the first three months. It's entirely possible I could have one of my best reading years yet. Of course now I've said that I'll probably fail miserably!

Onto my second book of the day. Love lazy sundays!

2. Made: Nothing! Quite frankly even though I've had fleeting ideas of things I could make. It's been a struggle to find the time this week. Maybe I'll get something made over the long weekend? It would be really nice to get some more work done on the Amsterdam quilt.

3. Watched: Atlantis is back on and even though this is a show that had a very shaky start and I'm sure die hard fans of Greek Mythology are probably outraged by how the characters have used, I am finding it the only thing worth watching on Saturday nights. Why is TV so rubbish at weekends? Not everyone is out partying are they?

4. My Garden/Flowers: I continue to notice something different in the garden every day. If it's not a new flower in bud, it's a different blossom on the trees.

Blue thoughts

Cox's Apple Blossom


5. Eaten  Saturday I went for lunch with an old school friend. We hadn't met up since last year and as a consequence we still had birthday and Christmas gifts to exchange. We shared a lovely Turkish meze and it was incredibly good value. Less than £10 per head and that including drinks!

Bar Meze - Lunch with Mel 

6. Visited/Seen It's been all about work and meetings this week. Plus a couple of trips to the local plant nursery. So no lovely pictures to entertain you here this week.

7. Recommended: Adult colouring books. No not that kind of adult. Colouring books of delicious designs for adults to colour. The one I have: Flights of Fancy reminds me very much of the kinds of black pen pictures I'd draw for my niece to colour when she got home from Primary school. Wonderfully relaxing to sit with some colouring pens and just colour. Of course I think I may need to make myself a new pencil case and am hoping to run a few pens out, so I can justify buying more. There are one or two pens in my old pencil case that I've had since I was at school!!

8. Stash: In. 3 fat quarters Out: 0 Yes, I know I said I'd not add to my fabric stash. But Mary had a lovely little IG offer of some fat quarters she'd just found and I got tempted. Can't help it when it comes to vintage sheets. I do have plans! Some of which involve some bunting for the summer house. Come the better weather I'll be spending a lot of time relaxing in or just outside the summer house and want to spruce this whole area up.

9. Birds: Nothing new to report. Although did I mention last time I'd heard the cuckoo for the first time this year? It's not been singing much.

10. And Finally...It's a long weekend in England this week as we get the first Monday of May off as public/bank holiday.  I'm hoping to pack a bit into the long weekend. Although I'm not entirely sure what yet.


  1. Do you find your sewing suffers when you are reading so much? I am either reading OR sewing in any given week, never both!

    1. Yes is my answer . I'm trying to read 52 books this year and the sewing and sock knitting is falling behind

  2. Do you find your sewing suffers when you are reading so much? I am either reading OR sewing in any given week, never both!

  3. I haven't heard of Veronica Smallwood, another author to add to my list of people to try. I always watch Atlantis with my son, presently it is the only thing I am watching. More time for reading though.

  4. I think it's fantastic that you're averaging a book a week! The blooms in your garden are so lovely. Your lunch really looked tasty.


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