Friday, 8 May 2015

10 Things: Week 18

For those that miss the making on this blog there is actual making to report this week!

1. Read: I have read The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson. I have seen the two film versions of this and was surprised that I remembered some of the dialogue being used in the film with Liam Neeson and Catherine Zeta Jones.  I found whilst the book built some good tension up I found the ending a bit of a let down. Maybe it didn't help I'd seen the film version and had some preconceived ideas. I have started my book group choice on the kindle. It's called 'Road to Damascus' by Jazz Shabhan. It's the story of two sisters separated when their father dies and their mother returns to Amman leaving the disabled younger sister behind. I'm not sure how I'm going to find it. The lack of an editor to correct spelling mistakes and punctuate is irritating me. I can forgive it in the diary extracts but it irritates in the rest of the narrative. Oh and I have a new book for bath time on the go too. More about that next time.

2. Made: I have actually finished the Amsterdam Quilt - well I will have when I decide upon and make the binding. I took it upon myself to make the quilt backing and get it basted and then quilted on Sunday. I'd had the backing in my stash for as long as 20 years. I'd bought it with a mind to back another quilt. But that quilt never got finished. (Maybe one day!) the quilt out grew the backing material anyway. It's nice to have finally found a use for it. I think this quilt deserves a blog post of it's own. So I won't share many pics here.

Right lets get this sucker pin basted.

3. Watched: The C-Word about Lisa Lynch's battle with stage 3 breast cancer. Sheridan Smith is brilliant and the drama succeeds in turning what could be a maudlin depressing story into something positive and life affirming. Although, I'll admit it doesn't make for easy viewing at times.

4. My Garden/Flowers: My garden has benefited from the rain. It put paid to gardening plans over the bank holiday and I'm sure the weeds have grown twice as fast of the flowers.

5. Eaten: Mum and I did our usual thing of a lunch out because it was the long weekend. We had sandwiches and a bowl of chips at a local pub and then had these yummy (and filling next time we'll share.) desserts which were brandy snap baskets filled with raspberry mousse.

Lunch at The Coach and Horses, Chiselhampton

6. Visted/seen: Before lunch Mum and I went over to Waterperry Gardens. We like to make the most of our 'Friends' membership, as it give us free entry to the gardens. The tulip displays are particularly lovely. It's a shame that the weather turned so cold as normally I don't need a coat and scarf to have my photo taken at Waterperry in May!

Waterperry Gardens, Oxfordshire

Waterperry Gardens, Oxfordshire

Waterperry Gardens, Oxfordshire

I also managed a May Day walk to a local wood and whilst the bluebells were pretty underwhelming I did see a hare - bold as brass on the path ahead of me and on the way back a deer. 

Walk to Holton Wood

Walk to Holton Wood

7. Recommended: I can't think of anything to recommend this week - other than blog reading to see if there are any prizes you fancy wining in the Sew Mama Sew! give away day. I would have done a give away myself but it was so not on my radar until I started seeing give away news popping up in my blog roll. Maybe I'll have a give away in a week or so time anyway?!

8. Stash: In. 0 Out: 3.5 yards - That more like it! More going out than going in! And I'm seriously considering that destash. If I can just get my act together!

9. Birds: Nothing new to report. I did disturb a pair of red legged partridges on my way home from the wood.

10. And finally...I have voted and await the results of the various elections with interest. Although now I'm glad it's over. This post will be scheduled due to Chief being down tomorrow when I normally post.


  1. The quilt looks great. Adding the binding is one of my favourite parts, partly because it is just the relief of actually finishing something and I also like hand sewing so I hand sew mine down. x

  2. Congratulations on finishing the Amsterdam Quilt! It's great that you were able to use material from your stash for the backing. Hopefully the rain will make the weeds easier to pull. Your dessert was amazing. Loved the photos of Waterperry Gardens and your May Day walk.


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