Friday, 15 May 2015

10 Things: Week 19

Well, I've been doing these particular blog posts for nearly 20 weeks now. And am wondering whether I should continue or not. It's clear from the stats that hits on this blog posts are significantly lower than on other sewing related posts. It's not just that people aren't commenting. They don't appear to be reading either.

1. Read: I finished the book group choice - Road to Damascus. It wasn't a great read.  It was all too disjointed and badly written. It'll be interesting to see what book group makes of it. My bath time read devoured was: Until you're mine - by Samantha Haynes. A great thriller. Just don't read it if pregnant. I have two more books on the go: The Girl on The Train is on my kindle currently and for bath time reading I've started The Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood.

2. Made: Still need to do the binding for the Amsterdam Quilt. However, I have done making of a different kind - jewellery making. A couple of bracelets bought ages ago in a Fat Face Sale and a silver toggle clasp and I have a new necklace.

Jewellery Maker

3. Watched: Home Fires - Sunday nights on ITV. A drama based on the book Jam Busters about the WI in a small village as war has broken out. Strong female case and great costumes.

4. My Garden/Flowers: It's rained a bit this week so the flowers and weeds are growing at a pace.

My garden early May My garden early May
My garden early May 5. Eaten: Cheese scones. Made last Friday whilst Chief was travelling down for the weekend.

Just knocked up some cheese scones 

6. Visited/Seen: Chief and I took a trip to Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetland Trust. They have all 6 species of flamingo's there as well as lots of other birds - many of which you can get very close to. I loved the Nene geese the best. These are the rarest geese in the world - originally from Hawaii and so lovely. Sweet faces. Totally fell in love. I won't bore you with a tonne of pictures but you can find more on flickr if you're interested.

Slimbridge WWT

Me Feeding Geese at Slimbridge
How can you not love these geese?!

7. Recommended: Slimbridge WWT or any other WWT you might be close to. I couldn't believe how close you could get to the birds and it was a great day out. Although if you're like my friend Catherine and a bit duck phobic you probably won't enjoy it so much...

8. Stash: In 0 Out 0 Well at least I haven't bought any more fabric to add to the stash!

9. Birds: See number 6 above - although on the trip to Slimbridge and the stroll Chief and I had the next day means my bird list for the year is up to: 90!

10. And finally...I really would be interested in hearing what you all feel about these posts and whether I should continue with them and blogging. I know a lot of people will say they blog for them so continue if I want to. However, I started blogging as it was the done thing becoming part of this sewing community. I used to really enjoy it. I used to enjoy the interaction with other bloggers and being part of a community that I hoped would encourage get togethers offline, as well as on. Sadly I don't feel connected in the same way and haven't for some time. A lot of people have cut down on their own blogging and blog reading has become limited to those in their immediate cliques. I'm even wondering if I stop blogging whether I'll become more creative. Lots to think about.


  1. I have read them all!!!!!
    I dont comment much on any blogs but I do read loads. If I didnt read so many I might become a more prolific quilter!
    I would miss you if you stopped blogging, I enjoy hearing about your bird watching jaunts. Although I do prefer reading about quilting and fabric its a refreshing change to read about other folks' lives. I too have eaten cheese scones this week and I have been to an English Heritage property, Belsay Hall in Northumberland. i was stewarding for our regional QG exhibition.
    So many people have stopped blogging in favor of Instagram, its a shame but I suppose it takes less time and effort. If you do decide to stop, I will miss you.

  2. Hi there, I read your blog on feedly during my lunch hour and I'm usually knitting. To comment I have to click through and put down my knitting to type. I really enjoy your blog so I'll try to comment more frequently in the future. I enjoy reading your 10 things post very much.

  3. Yours is one of the blogs that I read every week. I do like the 10 things idea, but then I love to read too and am very keen on things to eat and places to visit. It is also lovely to get a flavour of the person and not just what they sew. x

  4. Please keep on blogging. I really enjoy not just reading about your ten things, but look forward to seeing your photographs as well. I don't tend to leave comments on people's blogs but perhaps I should to let them know how much I appreciate the time they take to give us a glimpse of their lives. Best wishes x. P.s. Love your garden and the look of those scones!

  5. I like the ten things posts but only carry on if you do, too!

  6. I like to read your blog, though I find it hard to comment meaningfully on these posts. The "10 things" posts feel a bit like a list of "sound bites" rather than a story, they are very different in style from your previous posts (and may well attract a different audience).
    On the other hand, a lot of people are saying visitor numbers are down, so it is not necessarily caused by your change of style. And I love the photographs you're posting, as much in the new posts as in the old!

  7. See, I might be totally alone here but these are my favourite type of posts on anyones blog! I am much more likely to click through if it is something personal rather than another cushion or whatever. But, yes, my "my life" type posts get about a third of the views of sewing posts! As you know, I blog for me so it doesn't bother me. Have you thought about a short enforced break to see if you miss blogging? A month or so? Life's too short to do something you aren't in love with (that's what work is for!) and you never know, you might be surprised by how you feel.

    P.S. Needless to say, I would miss your blogging. I do sometimes go several days without reading any blogs but yours I look out for when I do consult the Bloglovin' feed!!

  8. My vote is YES!! Please continue blogging! I love the "Ten Things" format. But, if blogging isn't as rewarding as it once was, I completely understand you not wanting to continue. I look forward to reading your weekly post and thoroughly enjoy your photography. I almost always learn something new reading your weekly post. This week's introduced me to the Nene goose and cheese scones. I always appreciate your book suggestions and reviews. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your life with us

  9. Gosh how can you read so many books at once? :)

  10. I love your Ten Things posts ( and your beautiful photos) and have even contemplated doing something similar! I would be doing it as a sort of diary though, so it wouldn't matter to me if no-one read it ( I have only a tiny amount of readers anyway) Whether you continue depends on why you are doing it in the first place. I for one would miss these posts!

  11. Hi... I read blogs in chunks now (used to read everyday, now a once a week sitting trying to keep up with people I know or have met mainly). This means it's much harder to find time to comment on things..... which doesn't mean I'm not as interested. I like these posts, and the sewing ones, and your photos are always fab xx


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