Friday, 29 May 2015

10 Things: Week 21

1. Read: I'm catching up with some books that were popular a year ago. (or in one case I thought it was a year ago only to realise I bought the book for my kindle in 2012 and I think it had been popular for a while then. Goes to show how time flies!) First book I've read this week is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. It feels like I'm the last person on the planet to finish reading it. It was better than I expected. I can easily be put off books if the hype around them gets too big and then I can justify not reading said books by any negative comment I hear about them. Anyway, I'd heard the ending was weak. Lets just say it was not the ending I wanted. Although when I discussed this with my brother on Sunday he asked me what I thought was going to happen and I told him and then said: But I want XXX to happen. He agreed with the XXX comment (see trying not to give spoilers for anyone who hasn't read it.) and it turned out my expectation was nearer the money. Next up was The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey. Which I found compulsive reading, although I was left with the sense I'd missed something important and probably need to reflect some more on this one. Loved the descriptions of homesteading life in Alaska in the 1920's - rather them than me! And for reading in the bath - The Bad Mothers Handbook - by Kate Long. Some laugh out loud funny moments in that.

2. Made: Nothing. I think my head has been so much in reading mode I've only thought about making rather than actually doing it.

3. Watched: I confess I've been sneaking off to bed with my kindle rather than watching TV although I got a bit miffed last Friday when I flicked through the channels at 9pm and saw: 'The Walking Dead' I flicked on past thinking I'd misread Waking the Dead (wouldn't be the first time) and then flicked back to check and discovered series 5 of the series has been shown in double episodes since the beginning of the month on Spike. I'd not seen it advertised and they were showing episodes 7 and 8. Quickly went on 5 on Demand and it was too late to watch the first two episodes. I had to start with 3 and 4 as they were about to become unavailable. Can you believe I was watching these whilst having the most recent episodes on on the TV with the sound turned down\?! Multitasking to a whole new level. Some how the series seems to be getting tired for me. But it might have been the dipping in and out thing and missing the start. I do not recommend trying to watch multiple episodes of anything simultaneously!

4. My Garden/Flowers: I managed to get a bit of gardening done over the bank holiday weekend. Although I felt it in a few muscles for several days afterwards. Every picture tells a story and I think the story I was telling was of an old lady every time I tried to bend down or get up! It's worth it as I continue to see something new every day.

My garden in May 


Iris take two

5. Eaten: I have been craving jacket potatoes with coleslaw. I had one a few months ago for lunch at Cotswold Wildlife Park and this week it's been the food I've fancied the most.

6. Visited/Seen: I had originally intended to get out and about over the bank holiday weekend. However, when it came down to it more time was spent chilling at home. We did have a couple of strolls and I loved spotting this family of Canada Geese on the moat at my old school.

Canada Geese Family

Big leaf!
Isn't this leaf a biggie? You can just see my Mum's hand
in shot. You'd need a big sheet of paper if you wanted 
to do a leaf rubbing of this!

7. Recommended: I am trying to think of something good to recommend to you, but I can't.

8. Stash: In. 0 Out 0 Ok so none is leaving. At least no more is coming in.

9. Birds: Look who visited my bird feeder this week. We've had them pop in from time to time before. (Often when it's raining.)

Woodpecker having a tea time snack!
Great Spotted Woodpecker

10. And Finally...Chief and I have booked our summer holiday.  It may be a perfect excuse to do a spot of making!


  1. Did my comment get eaten? Rats. In brief.

    Walking Dead - boring now.
    Woodpecker - yay! Handsome fella.
    Holiday - double yay!! Somewhere nice?

  2. I love that photo of the woodpecker - I've sometimes seen one near to my house (well, two minutes' walk away) but never in my garden! Glad you've booked a holiday - maybe now's the time to start planning some laundry bags, etc?

    P.S. I hated 'Gone Girl' from start to finish and only kept ploughing through it because my friend loved it and I thought it might get better. It didn't.

  3. You're ahead of me, I have yet to read Gone Girl and have bought the Girl On The Train. The blurbs all say, if you enjoy Gone Girl, you'll enjoy the Girl On The Train - I almost feel quite rebellious for not reading the one before the other.
    A woodpecker - WOW

  4. PS When we read the Bad Mother's Handbook a few years ago in book club, one of our members was never so disgusted in her life and hid the book under the bed in case she died through the night!!!!!

  5. I've not read Gone girl...or seen the film!
    love the woodpecker!

  6. I have read The Snow Child and loved it, but not the other two. Hope you are going somewhere lovely for the holiday. We have just had a family week on the Isle of Wight, it was beautiful but grumpy teenagers don't make for restful times. x


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