Friday, 5 June 2015

10 Things: Week 22

1. Read: I have developed a habit of waking up earlier on a Sunday than any other week of the day. Ironic considering it's the day I definitely could have a lie in! So it's become my custom to get up make a brew and take it back to bed and read for a bit. I started The Letter by Kathryn Hughes, which I'd bought for 99p on my Kindle ages ago because the blurb sounded interesting. Well, I couldn't put it down and despite getting up and doing chores (including a trip to Asda and a huge pile of ironing.) I'd finished the book after lunch. It's a story set in 1974 and 1939. A charity shop worker finds a stamped, yet unfranked letter in the pocket of an old suit and after reading the contents decides to track down the people concerned and deliver the letter to its intended recipient, which has life changing (both good and bad) consequences for her. I'm not a huge fan of romance type dramas, but I liked the characters in this and was intrigued to see how their stories would work out. I also have finished: The Bad Mothers Handbook by Kate Long. Again another book I'd not normally be drawn to but a good read with well drawn characters and whilst it didn't shy away from all kinds of potentially depressing human drama, it tackled these topics in a way as to give hope and not become unduly sentimental.

2. Made: I am embracing the fact that I am struggling to find my mojo to sew. I loved making the Amsterdam Quilt I have plenty of other things I'd like to make. I am going with the flow and not forcing things. I do not have to sew. I choose to sew. When I feel so inclined I'm sure I will. A few weeks back plenty of people suggested I take a break and hopefully return to sewing feeling refreshed and energised and that's the approach I'm leaning towards. That said I have joined a group on flickr to be involved in a year long swap that's a bit like a bee only not quite. I'm excited about that and having a deadline to work to may just give my mojo the kick up the 'jo to get sorted.

3. Watched: Series 3 of The Syndicate started this week and I'm hooked from episode one. Each series followers the lives of a group of people (different each time) that win the lottery. This series they are all workers at a Yorkshire manor house. The aristocratic owners of the house are struggling financially so there will no doubt be plenty of story lines focusing on the reversal of fortune with the servants now wealthier than their employers. It has a cracking cast too with the likes of Anthony Andrews and Lenny Henry.

4. My Garden/Flowers: British Summertime starts on June 1st. I think someone forgot to copy the weather in on that particular memo. It's been cold and wet and so windy. So most of my garden has been battered by the elements.

my garden early June

my garden early June

5. Eaten: I had a lovely quiche and salad at Waterperry Gardens last Saturday. I was too busy nattering and eating it to take a picture!

6. Visited/Seen: I had a walk through the village after work today so I could deliver a sympathy card. A lovely lady I've known for as long as I could remember has died of cancer. I wanted to drop in a card to her children who have already lost their father to cancer. It doesn't matter that they are around my age. I can only imagine the pain they're going through.


village stroll

7. Recommended: Bubbles. Not the champagne sort - the sort you get in the supermarket for a £1 or less. I couldn't resist getting a bubble wand in Asda to use in the garden when my niece came round after school this week. The pictures of us were not that flattering. It's a job to blow a bubble and not look like a puffa fish. By happy accident my niece took this lovely picture of a bubble with my camera.


8. Stash: In: 0* Out: 0 *now let me explain. I haven't bought any fabric from a conventional or online fabric store. But I did score some vintage sheet lovelies this week when I popped into a couple of charity shops. I got a king sized duvet cover  and two flat sheets - the latter also had two matching pillowcases so I got them too. I wasn't sure if the flat sheets were vintage and then I thought when was the last time I saw patterned flat sheets? Of course as I liked them anyway I bought them. Luckily the day I bought them was glorious and sunny so I got them washed and line dried in a couple of hours.


9. Birds: Last Saturday I had an impromptu lunch out with a friend and as it was near to the place I'd seen spotted flycatchers last year I decided to see if they were back again. Within seconds of entering where I thought they'd be I spotted one! I hadn't the right sort of lens to get a decent picture so hope to go back (I think Chief will be wanting to come too.)

Spotted Flycatcher

Spotted Flycatcher

10. And Finally... I'm signed up for the Summer time surprises swap and when I get my partner details I'll be putting together a suitable package.


  1. I love Kate Long, Eating Grandma and all that! Also loving The Syndicate.
    Super bubble pic xxx

  2. Quiche is one of my favourite things to eat, as long as it is homemade. In fact I am making tonight to go with potato salad. I love it when I find a book so good I can't put it down, Sunday morning reading time sound alike great idea. This week I read This Body of Death by Elizabeth George and I was reading well after bedtime to get it finished. x

  3. The Kathryn Hughes book sounds fantastic. And the vintage sheets were a great find. And.. I love the bubble picture!

  4. Your niece has great photography skills already! I'm watching The Syndicate too, Lenny Henry is brilliant and I like the lord of the manor guy....


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