Sunday, 14 June 2015

10 Things: Week 23

I had a bit of a bug towards the end of the week and was off the computer, so I'm only just doing the 10 things post.

1.Read: First off there was C L Taylors: The Lie. It was about 75p and top of the best sellers list for Kindle so I thought I'd give it a go. Told in flash backs to five years previously this is the story of 4 friends who go on the trip of a life time with devastating consequences. I found it a real page turner and it was quickly devoured. Up next on the kindle was: The Uninvited by Liz Jensen. I'd read The Ninth Life of Louis Drax several years ago and subsequently purchased a couple more of her novels on my kindle, which then languished unread. This is a modern day fable, which tells of a dystopian future. The opening of the book is quite gruesome. A child picks up a nail gun and kills her grandmother with it and then blinds her father. It is the first of many child perpetrated murders. Meanwhile the main character Hesketh is a sort of troubleshooter for big industry. Having Asperger's he views the world differently to most and spots patterns others would never notice. Job's he's sent on across the globe all seem to be linked; all the people claim to have been possessed by child like spirits that 'made' them behave the way they did. This book was really different and again I was hooked until the very end.

2. Made: Nothing. I had plans. But that was before going down with the lurgy. I did pull out some fabric. Changed my mind about what I'd do with it and that's as far as I got.

3. Watched: The Theory of Everything - the film about Stephen Hawking's life. Which whilst I can't fault the acting of the lead, left me wanting something more. In fact I think if I hadn't googled to fill in a few gaps as I was watching I  might have felt even more at a loss. Moving all the same though.

Watching this. 

4. My Garden/Flowers: The self seeded poppies have been the stars of the show this week. Along with the Sweet Williams planted last autumn in my cuttings garden.

My garden in June Flowers after the rain Sweet Williams 

5. Eaten: Last weekend (although it feels like a lot longer ago.) Mum and I had lunch at a local pub. We both opted for quiche, salad and chips and had room for dessert afterwards. Always a bonus.

My dessert 
My dessert of lemon tart with vanilla infused strawberries

6. Visited/Seen: Mum and I took a trip over to Waterperrry Gardens for a turn around the gardens. The gardens were looking particularly pretty.

Waterperry Gardens, Oxfordshire Waterperry Gardens, Oxfordshire

Waterperry Gardens, Oxfordshire

Waterperry Gardens, Oxfordshire

7.Recommended: Not getting ill. Although I realise this is not a choice we generally have. So I should recommend something you can actually have some control over! Only I can't think of anything right at this moment. I'm still a big foggy headed!

8. Stash: In: 0 Out: 0

9. Birds: I was woken this am (and it is a Sunday.) at around 6am by a strange hammering. On closer inspection there was a great spotted woodpecker under the eaves of the house by my bedroom window. No doubt waiting for the one to stop feeding on the nuts on the feeding station. I've now seen 5 together and managed to get a photograph of two. Chief is quite jealous. Even more so when I told him I'd seen three together this am and then when I drove out to Asda this morning there was a green woodpecker in the road!


 10. And finally: Chief is going away on Tuesday. We thought it was going to be Germany but now it turns out it's Cyprus. It's only going to be for a few weeks at most, but it's unlikely I'll see him this month and perhaps not before we go away.


  1. I know what you mean about the gaps in Theory of Everything (though I've not seen it myself)- I thought that was true of the TV version of The Casual Vacancy, but that just made me want to read the book to fill in the gaps. Perhaps Travelling To Infinity would also be worth reading for the same reason?

  2. i havent seen theory of everything, i would like to. I enjoyed the Stephen Hawking/Dara O'Braian interview on tv last week, worth catching on i player if you didn't see it. Your poppies are lovely, ours are still in the bud stage.

  3. Your photography is stunning. I hope you are feeling better!


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