Saturday, 27 June 2015

10 Things: Week 25

1. Read An increase in sewing as meant a decrease in reading and I only have one book on the go. Picture Perfect by Jodi Picoult.  Several kindle books ago this book started off as my bath time read. I seem to read proper books more slowly than kindle books. So with less baths and more showers it's taking me forever to get through.  However, now I'm over half way through I'm enjoying it even more. It's about an anthropologist who wakes up in a graveyard with no memory. She's helped by an new to town cop who takes her in and helps her look for her forgotten life. However, she's soon claimed by her husband. Who just turns out to be one of the most famous actors in Hollywood.  The story switches back in time to tell us readers how this unlikely couple met and why there life isn't as quite picture perfect as it would appear. I have mixed feelings about Jodi Picoult novels. My first was Her Sisters Keepers, swiftly followed by Vanishing Acts. I was so hooked I think I put her entire back catalogue on my Book Crossing wish list. However, whilst I've enjoyed others since, like: Plain Truth. Many of them I've found a struggle to get through. Enjoyable enough but just too similar and formulaic.

2. Made: My making has been confined to the Xand+ blocks which I was churning out like mad over last weekend. I even cut up some more this week. However, I've felt a bit under the weather and have had stuff to organise like car and holiday insurance so that's eaten into my free making time.

More blocks ready for sewing

3. Watched: The best thing I'm watching on TV right now is The Syndicate. I think we've had three, possibly four episodes out of 6? But I'm completely hooked. I can't say more (like who I think is the 'kidnapper' is) because I don't want to reveal a load of spoilers for those watching this on catch up.

4. My Garden/Flowers: I think it's definitely going to be a good year for roses and most of the pictures I've taken have been rose ones. There is plenty of other colour though. My delphiniums are still a bit stunted although I keep seeing other people's in full bloom.

Sweet Williams My garden in June My garden in June My garden in June

5. Eaten: Nothing of note because the under the weather feeling has definitely been stomach/digestive centred. I think I had a similar experience at this time of year last year and I'm even wondering if there is something this time of year that's triggering this or if it's purely some weird bug.

6. Visited/Seen: Again it's been a quiet week so I have nothing new to report.

7. Recommended: Click and Collect at Asda. Although if Asda isn't your local store probably not so good. But I think many supermarkets to this kind of service these days. I ordered some cheap tops from 'George' at Asda. I have found that many of my summer tops have: shrunk or faded. (Of course I may have put on some weight since they were first bought.) I also had one t-shirt split under the arm and was beyond repair. The time had come for some replacements. Being paranoid about shrinkage. (I've found this a particular problem with tee's bought from M&S in the past.) I went up a size and to be fair they're probably a bit roomy if they don't shrink. But at such good prices it was worth it. Anyway, I saved postage by agreeing to pick them up at my local Asda which is like a second home the amount of visits I make - using it like a corner shop. It took less than five minutes for them to give them me in store and they'd arrived there in less than 24 hours.

8. Stash: In 0 Out: A tonne of scraps. Some clever bod can probably tell me how much fabric each xand+ block uses and therefore calculate exactly how much yardage I've used to date. But I am not that much of a mathalete. You'll notice as I didn't buy it I decided not to count all the fabric I won and showed you in my last post? I already have some plans for it so hopefully it'll not languish in the stash for too long. A few bits have been cut into already for the Xand+ bocks.

9. Birds: The woodpeckers are still around but not visiting with the frequency of recent times. I suspect the young are getting more independent. We have had quite a lot of house sparrows in the garden. Which are actually quite rare around my house. Although I notice a long the high street where I work every house has a little colony of them twittering in gutters or holes in walls.

10. And finally...I got my hair cut. It's become a bit of an annual thing and I was very close to going short. Proper short - like I haven't gone for about 10 years. But longer hair is easier to manage on holidays. I get proper bed head with short hair and I prefer to shower at night not the morning so the chances are getting up with proper sticky-up-hair are quite high. However, I haven't ruled out a complete change of style for the end of holidays.

New Do


  1. Wonderful flowers, especially the second picture. Hope you're feeling better x

  2. I agree exactly with you about Jodi Picoult. I read the same first book as you and loved it, I quickly became disenchanted with her though, some I love and other sI loathe. I find I tend to need breaks between her books too. I recently read House Rules which is about a boy with Aspergers and it is probably my favourite.
    Of course free fabric does not count as adding to your stash!!

  3. love your new hair and your photo, lovely summertime photo. Don't read no more Jodi Piccoult, I ain't never ever reading no more Jodi Piccoult. They got to formulaic as you say, Helen reads book, Helen spends day in tears, Helen can't sleep, Helen reading no more Jodi Piccoult.
    love the flower photos too

  4. Great photo of you, dude!! I agree about long hair being better for holidays. The only time I ever wish my hair was long enough for a ponytail is on hols!! And I *totally* agree about the Asda click n Collect. We have a Tesco that takes TescoDirect deliveries, too. Free and comes the next day - and they stock everything!!

  5. Great photo of you, dude!! I agree about long hair being better for holidays. The only time I ever wish my hair was long enough for a ponytail is on hols!! And I *totally* agree about the Asda click n Collect. We have a Tesco that takes TescoDirect deliveries, too. Free and comes the next day - and they stock everything!!


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