Friday, 10 July 2015

10 Things: Week 27

1. Read: I put Strangers by Rosie Thomas to one side because I found out the next book group choice was The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton. Now whilst I'd recognise the paperback cover of this book anywhere I knew nothing about it. Anyway, the moment I went on Amazon to buy it for my kindle and found out it was set in Amsterdam I started reading it. I was hooked and had the book finished within 24 hours. It was an enjoyable read but...Oh I can't say without giving away spoilers. Lets just say there was an element to the story that I'd have liked to have been explained a little better and not left so mysteriously. Maybe that's just me liking neat resolutions all round. Then I decided to get on with Re-reading The Diary of Anne Frank. This is a book I'd not read since school. I don't recall it being quite so dull as it was. But then again she was trapped for two years in an attic with the same people it didn't exactly give her a lot of different stuff to write about. That said it's incredibly poignant and moving given history tells us exactly how things would end for Anne and her family. Next I was going to read: Girl with a Pearl Earring only I was not about the pay that price for a kindle book (Unless I have to get a book for book group I limit the amount I'll spend on kindle books.) so opted for Amsterdam Calling by...forgotten! And I haven't read much so I'll tell you more about that another time.

Summerhouse reading

You're probably wondering why all the Amsterdam centric reading? Well Chief and I are off on a coach trip there shortly. I'm excited and nervous all at once because I'm not a great traveller and don't want to get ill and exhausted. On the plus side I'm visiting three new to me countries.

2. Made: I could resist no longer the urge to make a Luna Lapin! These have been popping up all over my IG feed and they are beyond adorable. I think she deserves her own blog post though so I'll just leave you a teaser picture here. If you can't wait until that blog post you can buy your own Luna Lapin kit from Coolcrafting.

Ok so making me pose like this is so undignified! #lunalapin 

3. Watched: I got the whole family hooked on The Syndicate. My niece keeps asking me what I'm watching on TV because I've given her some good recommendations lately. Although I told her last week she wouldn't cope with The Walking Dead and she apparently decided during episode one it was just too much for her! I am watching Odyssey on catch up (BBC2 Sunday 9pm) It sort of reminds me of Homeland before they killed off the best character. (Which was all the more gutting for me as a good friend put a spoiler on facebook, which told everyone this had/was going to happen and so ruined the last episode for me.) I'm loving all the different linked plot lines and conspiracy stuff.

4. My Garden/Flowers: I'm still getting lovely compliments about my garden, I keep seeing all the weedy bits that need attention!

5. Fish and Chips: Which were lovely at the time and I've regretted eating every since!

6. Visited: I had a walk through the grounds of my old school which had a wild flower meadow planted last year.

A walk through the Park

7. Recommended: This week it has to be Coolcrafting for their excellent kits like Luna Lapin.

8. Stash: In 4 fat quarters Out: 0

Sale pretties

9. Birds: It's not the best time for birding as many birds are feeding young and those finished with that are starting to moult. This means they lose feathers and look quite scraggy. It also makes them more vulnerable to predation so they keep out of sight even more than usual.

10. And finally...this is the most important bit in this whole blog post and it would be great if you could share about this on any social media you're involved with.   Elsie is the daughter of a very old school friend of mine. We go way back to primary school. Unfortunately little Elsie is in desperate need of a blood stem cell donation. Getting a match for anyone is so difficult which is why as many people as possible need to go on the register. Think of it like this: Elsie really needs to win this lottery and the more people on the register the more tickets Elsie has in the draw.  I was completely ignorant about stem cell donation. I'd heard of bone marrow donations and how invasive this is and I'd also heard on the news that if you were over 30 you couldn't go on the register anyway(and I believe this is the case for the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Register.) However, blood stem cell donation is a whole different prospect. It's a bit like giving blood and you do it as an out patient and don't even have to have a general anaesthetic for it.  The age limit for registration is a lot higher. It goes even higher if you already give blood because you can register at the blood donation centre. What is making it even more difficult to get a match for Elsie is that the number of mixed race people signing up is not very high. Elsie is mixed race because her mother is white and her father is Indian.

So I would really really appreciate if you could watch the you tube video and if you're on facebook check out the page and share amongst your friends. @AMatchForElsie is the twitter thingy. If you're able to join the register that would be beyond fabulous. Imagine if you were a match for Elsie or someone else and all it took was a few hours in hospital undergoing a procedure that's a lot like giving blood and at the end of it you could save someones life.


  1. Oh, I hope a match is found for Elsie. I've retweeted a couple of tweets about her (with links to either articles or the Delete Blood Cancer page about her) and have pinned one of them to my Twitter profile (so it's the first thing anyone visiting it sees).

    P.S. Love your Luna Lapin - has she just started at gymnastics?!

  2. I have the very same cover for my Anne Frank book, I do remember loving this when reading it while much younger but didn't feel the same about it a couple of years ago on a reread. Your bunny is so cute, I can see why so many are wanting to stitch one.
    I do hope Elsie gets a match. x

  3. love your luna lupin. Do email me and tell me which bit of the Miniaturist you would have liked explained better. Although I really enjoyed it, I actually found the miniaturist himself a bit of a distraction from the rest of what was a good story. But then it wouldn't have been the Miniaturist.

  4. Is Luna doing yoga? All caught up with The Syndicate and I loved it but I kind of guessed the bit about Sarah's dad. I've ordered the DVD of Walking Dead series 4 as we've had a long break since the last series which I didn't like so much as series 1 and 2 (the prison series) so fingers crossed that will be good. The pilot is still my favourite episode though, I thought it was brilliantly executed and could have been a standalone, I've never seen such a great pilot and I could watch it over and over again!

  5. Love the new addition to your stash. Thank you for reminding us all that we have the power to save a life by registering as a donor!


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