Friday, 4 September 2015

Hello. Remember me?

I think this is possibly the longest break I've had from blogging. I'm not sure how many people noticed I'd gone because I've still been relatively active on flickr and facebook and I've been super active on instagram. The 10 things posts definitely fell by the way side and even though I started a post before about what I'd been up to it's languishing unfinished in the drafts folder. I have to say the longer I've left things the harder it's been to get back to blogging. It's felt like I have stuff to fill 50 posts and where do I start?

So I've decided to start with a recap of why things have gone quiet.

Chief and I had our first trip abroad together. A coach trip to Amsterdam. Way back in July now. Can you believe it, but a few days before we were due to leave I got properly sick. A horrid heavy cold/flu type lurgy and it was touch and go as to whether I'd be up for travelling. I'm not great with travel especially when I'm not well. We discussed options should we have to cancel, which involved Chief going by himself! But in the end I dosed up on tablets (including travel sickness pills.) and we started our adventure. We were going by coach but it wasn't like I had to drive the thing! It all went fabulously well. Even though it took about 15 hours of travelling to get from Oxford to Amsterdam. I figure if I can cope with that whilst being ill I can cope with further more adventurous travel! We had a lovely time. And I have started a blog post about the trip and hopefully I'll get around to blogging more fully about the trip sometime!

The whistle stop version is:  I want to go back to Amsterdam. I loved what I saw of The Netherlands and the best bit about Belgium was the waffles and chocolate.

  Ostende, Belgium
Best Belgian Waffle I've ever had - nutella and

I didn't think so much of our stop off in Ostend such a contrast to Amsterdam. Chief didn't think much to the one night we spent in a hotel in France which was basic to say the least, although we had lovely walks before and after dinner around the pretty town of Gravelines. I absolutely loved putting together a holiday photo book with blurb. Which I rushed to do when they sent me a 50% off voucher code!

Amsterdam Adventure

I was exhausted after our trip, yet couldn't rest on my laurels for too long as then we had our annual family trip to Bournemouth. My brother and his wife stayed at the hotel for a night with us too. Then we had the usual three generations kind of fun with my Mum, Niece and I doing things like shopping, beach walking, playing crazy golf and card games in the hotel bar after evening meals. We had Chiefs underwater camera this year and had so much fun in the hotel pool with that. I had my own personal stylist as niece did my make up and hair before dinner each day. She is way better at beautification than I am!

Underwater Camera - Bournemouth
We had so much fun in the water with the camera. I can't
swim properly, but I am the only family
member that keeps eyes open under water.
Bournemouth - Underwater camera fun

I was due to go away with Chief for a weekend a week or so after Bournemouth. To spend my first night in Gertie. Chief was going to arrange accommodation either in Dorset or the Cotswolds and I was so excited to be off on my travels again. Then disaster struck. The Friday before I got a text from Chief telling me he was in the med centre and would ring later. He was on exercise. Not entirely sure where. (He did tell me I lose track. Yorkshire-ish I think.) Anyway, he'd collapsed and they thought he had exhaustion and they were keeping him in over night. He was destined to spend most of the next day - his birthday in the med centre and they ruled he had a 'chill in his kidneys' which I laughed at when he told me because what kind of 21st century diagnosis is that? Any how, long story short. He's had an untreated kidney infection, which turned serious due to lack of treatment and has pneumonia again. This time in a different location and lung! He got very dehydrated because he hasn't been able to keep food or liquids down. He's on a stack of meds still and struggles to get his breath so is exhausted all the time. The doctor keeps reminding Chief he came very close to dying. I haven't seen him since our Amsterdam trip and I doubt I'll be seeing him any time soon let alone going away.

So the weekend we were due to be going away I decided a staycation was in order and that's a whole other blog post. I also have to blog about all the great books I've been reading and yes, there has even been sewing!


  1. I'm so happy that you are back!! I'm glad that you were able to go on your Amsterdam trip even though you were still sick. Your trip sounded fantastic. Loved your Bournemouth underwater photos I'm so sorry that Chief was so ill and wish him a speedy recovery.

  2. I noticed you'd been quiet and almost emailed - before remembering you were all over my social media and obvs okay! *g* But poor Chief!! You do have rotten luck re: hols, dontcha? I take it he's too far away to visit with work and whatnot. Those photos of you in the pool are brill! (And you look amazing!)

  3. I noticed you'd been quiet and almost emailed - before remembering you were all over my social media and obvs okay! *g* But poor Chief!! You do have rotten luck re: hols, dontcha? I take it he's too far away to visit with work and whatnot. Those photos of you in the pool are brill! (And you look amazing!)

  4. you are brave in the pool, my head never goes underwater, never mind my eyes open.
    I missed you blogging, but of course have been following your adventures on instagagram. Sorry to hear Chief is unwell again, pneumonia is some serious illness. Over 20 years now and on a cold day I can pinpoint the exact point on my lung where the infection was. Take care of both of you

  5. Oh nasty, I have heard of chill on the kidneys before but I've never known what it is. Glad you're better and I hope he is soon too.

  6. I'm glad you've had some fun while you've been on you r bloggy break but I'm sorry to hear about all the illness x


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