Monday, 12 October 2015

Knitting! My first few projects

I have to say learning to knit has been keeping me sane the last few weeks. A couple of things happened about six weeks ago that really knocked me out of kilter and for a while it left me feeling like I was on the edge of depression or anxiety or both. It's a strange sort of feeling because I'd been so happy and 'up' about everything. Neither of the things directly effected me. They still stopped me in my tracks and made me think.  Knitting has given me something new and fun to concentrate on. It's been just what I needed.

It didn't help I hadn't seen Chief since we got back from Amsterdam. (That's all been rectified and deserves a post to itself!)

I promised you last time that I'd show you a picture of me modelling what I'd knitted. First up is the scarf. It's knitted in a recycled cotton from Sidar and was purchased purely because it was on sale. They only had this colour which is not something I'd normally be attracted to. As this was for practising and it was cheap, I got 5 balls so there would be more than enough for a scarf. As it was this only took three of the balls and if I can face knitting up some matching wrist warmers with the left over balls I may do that some time. I say 'face' because I've decided I don't like knitting with cotton very much. The colour of this yarn is 'Lime'. I've decided to call in greengage in my head and love the way it clashes and compliments the cardigan I have on.

My first scarf!

Next up is a hat. Knitted in another Sidar yarn - Crofter DK which looks like it has little dashes of colour across the yarn and knits up into a sort of Fair Isle design (without all the hard work of adding in different colours. Something I couldn't do right now!) It took less than 1 ball and again I have another ball of this colourway left so I could knit up some hand/wrist warmers or a small cowl.

My first hat!

My first finished hat!

I also bought two balls of a different colourway of this Crofter DK yarn and knitted up another hat while she was on holiday. I can then gift it to her for Christmas.

Christmas hat for Mum
Mum's hat being knitted. Shh don't tell her!

 If I get my act together there might be a fair bit of hand-making for Christmas. However, I think the rest will be fabric related: Pouches and the like. It's all very well getting knitting addicted. However, I have a tonne of fabric. I have scraps bursting out of their box. Might be time for a bit of a destash. Although I did buy some scraps recently because I want to get on with my +&X quilt over the winter and love adding different peoples scraps to the mix.

I have knitted another hat in some gorgeous fuchsia cashmerino. However, it was all rib and the crown shaping went to pot. I think I must have miscounted a stitch or two because the ribs don't line up. I confess by the time I'd got to the crown shaping I was ready to have the hat done. I was told rib is boring to do and I see why now! I'll still wear it because it does fit. But no pictures of me modelling it yet. In fact it will look pretty perfect if I only wear it while stood next to people shorter than me. As they won't see the rubbish bit. That said I'm only about 5'2" so finding people that much smaller than me will not be that easy!

Another hat
Cashmerino hat in progress.


  1. Hellooo! I am loving all your knitting. You seem to be a natural. I can knit squares and neckwarmers but that is it. I love wool though. Glad it is providing a distraction for you too xx

  2. Hellooo! I am loving all your knitting. You seem to be a natural. I can knit squares and neckwarmers but that is it. I love wool though. Glad it is providing a distraction for you too xx

  3. well done with the knitting. Knitting is a great saviour when feeling out of sorts, I'm a big believer in the power of the needles (I'm not really mad, honest). Your knitting is really good, and no one will notice the ribs out of line, they will be too envious of the cashermino.

  4. Your knitting is coming on a treat! Don't give up on cotton yarn, though, there can be quite a variation between types of cotton yarn and you might find one you love!


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