Sunday, 1 November 2015

Stitching through the day of witching

Apologises for what might be the worse blog post title ever! However, there was a lot of stitching going on during yesterday (Halloween) and I thought I'd share it all with you here. If I ever get the blog post finished. I seem to start far more than I actually finish and publish.

First up I sewed together the second attempt at the hat in the kingfisher Cashmerino. In my last post I mentioned how I messed up the first attempt and made it far too big. I used a different pattern and had knitted this up in the week. I'd checked the ribbed section was going to fit already by tying some different coloured yarn through the stitches on my needle and once they were secure I took them off and tried the band around my head for size. It was snug, rather than too small, it was ok to continue. That said by the finish I was still nervous about taking it off the needles and sewing it up and it got left on the needles for several days while I dithered. The unpicking was my least favourite part of the whole process. I got out my safety pins and pinned it all together and thankfully when I tried it on it fitted!)

My latest finished hat.

Whilst I was waiting for this to come off the needles I got stuck into some chunky yarn. It wasn't easy to knit up at first so there was a fair amount of undoing and I hated the stitch given for the last section. The holes in the design were just too big and silly. I knitted in stocking stitch only that's curled up too much and that will need ripping out and replacing. I've hopefully found a new stitch to substitute for the last 18" of the cowl. I love the yarn.

Timber cowl - double moss stitch

Then it was on to sewing. I was working on a my addition to the PIP round-robin-add-as-it-goes mini bee and whilst I was looking for my quarter inch quilters wheel I found my Mum's old knitting needles. With these plus those I've got myself I really felt it was time to make some kind of storage for them. I had a good browse on pinterest and decided some kind of roll would be best. I didn't follow one pattern in the end. Just made it up as I went alone. I now have a huge roll that can house a double row of needles (perfect if I ever take up crochet - because I'm not sure how many flat needles I'll need to store. Surely I have pretty much all that I'll ever need? Famous last words probably!)

Knitting Needle roll

Knitting needle roll

Once that was done I broke open the band on some new yarn and I've started knitting up a rolled brim hat. (yes, that is my 6th hat in case anyone is keeping count. But only the fourth I'll actually own given my second is for Mum for Christmas and I unravelled one too.) I seem to be addicted to hats like other people are addicted to sock making. Given by winter I'll probably have a hat for every day of the week, it probably will guarantee we have a freaky warm winter. Today it has been so hot! When the photo of me was taken above I was sweltering in a woolly hat and jumper. However, it would have looked silly if I was modelling it in a t-shirt.


  1. I really can't knit at all, I do miss my gran making me lovely hand knitted things each winter. The hat looks great, I only have one that I wear with everything but do have a drawer full of scarves. x

  2. Seems you have become quite a knitter. Lovely needle case you sewed up though!

  3. Another gorgeous hat and the cowl looks to be coming on well. Love your needle roll!


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