Thursday, 10 December 2015

Advent 10: A knitting update

Seeing as it's been just over a month since I did a knitting blog post I thought it was high time I did an update.

To be fair I haven't been knitting as much as I did last month. Despite getting over the bug I had a few weeks ago. I seem to be lacking in energy and motivation. It comes and goes in fits and starts and even though I have two projects on the needles at present. It doesn't feel like I'm any where close to finishing either. Which has made me reluctant to start something else. I'm not really a winter person. I could quite happily hibernate. If I do though, I definitely won't get any knitting done.


I'm knitting my first ever shawl. In fact a few firsts with this one. First time using cables and first time knitting with 4ply. The pattern is: Simple Shawl and to be fair it is simple and perhaps that's why I'm finding it a bit dull to knit. It seems to be taking forever and it's got to a stage where it feels like it takes longer and longer to knit a row yet it seems like the shawl isn't growing. I'm not in love with this project, and I can't rip it out because I feel too committed. 

Not put off of shawls though I have bought this yarn and purchased The Hitchhicker Shawl pattern and hope to cast this on in the new year. (I'm not optimistic enough to think the other shawl will be finished this side of Christmas and if it is I'm sure I'll want to knit a non shawl project first!)

Look at the rainbow at the end

Also on the needles is my Fancy Dr Who Scarf. I'm loving the pine cone design so much. I never want this project to end. Only I do because I want to wrap this around my neck several times and have long trailing ends to swish about, just like Tom Baker did as Dr Who. However, it's slow growing because it's mainly knitted using aran scraps from other projects. The exception has been that bit of orange I've added in. Even the Khaki colour being added in now has been used to finish a hat knitted in the taupe colour the other side of the orange. I have an aqua coloured ball of the same wool, purchased purely for this scarf. But I feel I need a different aran brand to break up the other taupe, orange and khaki which are all the same brand and have a similar colour tone. I do have two other lots of aran weight yarn. Both need knitting into projects, so I can have the left overs first. They'll be next on the needles as I think this scarf is crying out for some purple next. 

Fancy Dr Who Scarf


  1. Both projects are looking lovely and I'm really looking forward to seeing that new yarn knitted up! You could always put one/both of the projects onto stitch holders if you wanted to free up the needles. Or get a new cable and take the tips off the shawl...just make sure to make a note of which tips you're using so that when you go back to you're knitting with the right size needles!

  2. I really love your Dr. Who scarf! That pine cone pattern is stunning!

  3. glad to see that shawl out again yesterday on ig!


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