Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Advent 2: Serendipity (or me enabling again!)

A curious thing happened the other Sunday night when I was browsing around on my laptop. A picture popped up in my flickr feed and I didn't recognise the person it was from or their work.  I liked what I saw and favourited a few things; all the while it bugged me having followed this person on Flickr - how on earth had I managed to forget their beautiful work. I noticed their location was Grantham which was curious because Chief lived there for the first 7 years I knew him (and before he knew me for a good few years more.) Then I twigged that I'd first discovered them on Flickr because of some travel pictures they'd posted. (Nothing to do with their beautiful creations!) Often before I go somewhere I'll see what pictures other people have posted on Flickr of the same location. It adds to the excitement and gives me things to look out for that I might want to photograph myself.  In this feed were some pictures taken at Crab Manor - where Chief and I went in September 2014. Chief had been before he met me and before I was with Chief another beau had told me about The Crab - I'd hoped one day I'd get to go. (I blogged a bit about the trip here.) Even though I was getting over food poisoning for our night there, I have such happy memories and really hope I get to go back. (I constantly tell Chief in the hope he'll take the hint. Although he normally says - you'll have to get the train because I'm not driving down to pick you up now I'm in the North East!)

But I'm digressing because the whole point of this post is to tell you about what happened after I'd favourited some more pics on Flickr. It turned out Allison sells work at The Creaking Door on Etsy and when I clicked through to her shop I found that one of the pieces I'd favourited was for sale still. All these little connections? It had to be serendipity right? So I did some shopping.

A few days later the most delightfully packaged parcel turned up at my door. The outer wrapping was just filled with pretty details and only hinted at the even lovelier wrapping I'd find inside.

Exciting mail

Packaging details
Excuse my dirty kitchen apron. I'd just cooked
breakfast for Chief who was down for a
few days.

Inside those lovely little boxes were: a pendant - a tiny glass phial full of moss and birds eggs. The legend around the bottle is: Hope, Wisdom and Wonder - something I could always do with plenty of! On the long bronzed chain are further little treasures. When I saw this item on flickr I just had to have it. I knew if I didn't go and buy it I'd keep thinking about it and wishing that I had.

Treats for me

The second item was these lovely birdie earrings. The turquoise stones almost remind me of robins eggs. 

Earrings by The Creaking Door

If you're looking for jewellery presents (even for yourself) that are just a little bit different, I urge you to run, not walk over to The Creaking Door Etsy Store. You might just pick up the perfect stocking filler or special treat.


  1. I love the necklace and can think of someone that this kind of jewellery would be perfect for. Popping over to have a look at the shop. x

  2. Apparently, you have no idea what Isis is HA! ...and you dont wanna know, yet, sadly, they're coming due to o'er-the-Hillary's antics of bowing down to the OWG.

    Jesus sez, ONLY A FEW SHALL MAKE IT. Let's hope you're in that few. Wanna wiseabove?


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