Friday, 4 December 2015

Advent 3 & 4 opps normal service will be resumed

I came home from work yesterday with a migraine. I get the aura ones, and thankfully only very rarely. I think this was triggered by a co-worker painting some chairs for the boss. I didn't detect how strong the smell of paint was until this morning when I returned to work.  Even though the dazzly aura bit only lasts about 20 minutes, it wrote off the rest of the day. So no advent post yesterday. I had planned a throwback Thursday post. This is me in the late 1970's. Clearly Christmas because of the tree.  I had several pairs of those Disney dungarees. It appears, Griffy - the family dog, was not paying enough attention when the photograph on the left was taken. As he was my best friend it's no surprise he's in the chair with me though.


Hopefully normal advent blogging will resume at the weekend.


  1. Well your mam hasn't changed much, has she?! And you've still got the same lovely smile! Hope you feel better by now xx

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