Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Advent1: I bought fabric

I didn't blog in December at all last year. So broke with my little tradition of trying to blog every day in the run up to Christmas. I am trying to get my blogging mojo back so would like to attempt it again this year. (It's not like I don't have plenty of half started blog posts and further ideas for more Christmassy related posts.) Blogging is one of the few 'creative' things I might manage at the moment as the last week or so I've been under the weather fighting off (at times unsuccessfully) a tummy bug and it's meant despite the chronic boredom, I've done very little apart from rest and read. With work sapping pretty much all the energy I do have.

Dreams of a handmade Christmas are diminishing fast. I'm behind with at least one birthday gift making (although this is partly due to my getting it into my head that the birthday girls birthday was the 27 November...not much earlier in the month! So I was totally caught out and unprepared.

I think with all the black friday/Cyber Monday fabric shop sales right now would not be the time to have a destash of my fabric.  I expect everyone has spent their pennies. But after thinking long and hard about it, I feel I need to let some fabric go. I have totally lost my sew-mojo and just having a lot of unused fabric (that would take several life times to use - or someone far more productive than me to use.) is actually contributing. I am also going to cancel my subscription to Quilt Now as all I do is flick through it and put it on a shelf.  At the moment I feel in order to find my sewing mojo I need to cut out all the things that are making it so hard to summons an enthusiasm for sewing.

It's somewhat contradictory then (and Susan might well be laughing her socks off now.) I was tempted to buy fabric at the village haberdashery! I blame IG totally as there was some lovely plaid/tartan like wool material posted in their IG feed and when I braved the Black Friday website slowness (nearly drove me to distraction!) I showed it to my Mum as it's so her sort of thing and suggested she chose her favourite and I'd make her a bag. While I was there I got some voile destined to be a super quick infinity scarf for my longstanding American friend Kathy for Christmas. A fat quarter of the same HR print fell into my basket too as I'd love to add some to my xandplus quilt, which I hope to get back to in the new year.


I have also signed up for the current round of the ATC swap hosted by Ali.  It appealed on two fronts. The opportunity to make something small and relatively quick and harness other sewing skills rather than patchwork and quilting. I have a wonderful collection of creative textile materials stored away unused for a very long time. Metallic and ombre embroidery threads, silk throwers waste in range of colours;  Angelina fibers; beads, sequins, hand dyed wool felts - the list goes on. But I'm excited by the thought of dipping my toe in and having a play.


  1. I love all the fabrics you bought. Now waiting to see what you are going to make.
    No knitting I see , I was looking forward to seeing what next you would knit

  2. I bought that fat voile, too! *g* Your ATC swap sounds interesting, i look forward to seeing whatcha come up with!


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