Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Big Stitch Swap Round 2

I had (pretty much intentionally) dropped off the face of the blogiverse of late. The simple fact is I've completely lost my joy for sewing. I signed up for a swap so I had to sew and whilst I enjoyed coming up with a design for my partner and even doing the whole sewing bit. It's made me want to do little more than think about sewing.

I haven't bought fabric in ages. I was convinced I would be the one bulk buying Mendocino (when my all time fave fabric became available again this spring.) However, I've not felt the urge to buy any. And yes maybe one day I'll regret that. Who knows.

Not sewing has been a major factor in not blogging. Whilst my blog has never been wholly sewing motivated, I have always felt that the bulk of my readership was here to see what I'd made or was making.   Sometimes I miss blogging. I know so many people that were blogging when I started that no longer blog or blog infrequently now. The loss of that sense of community and camaraderie has in some ways helped me not feel too bad about not blogging.

So what have I been doing instead. I am still a prolific photographer. It's the creative 'thing' that over the years has consistently brought me the most happiness. I can't imagine ever getting bored of taking pictures of things. I feel I'm constantly learning and (hopefully) improving. I absolutely love making my blurb year books. And since last years foreign trip (which I never did blog about.) I've started making travel blurb books too. I suffer quite seriously from a travel related anxiety. I am forever trying to get to grips with it. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not so. What usually motivates me greater than anything else is knowing I can take photos of every trip. Next month I'm off on my adventures again. When the trip was booked, I'll confess the excitement vanished into a complete irrational melt down. But as I'm working through all that, the thought I can fill a zillion memory cards to document the trip and then come home and make a photo book and on miserable dark winter nights I can look back and remember, is what's motivating me through all the rubbish stuff that goes on in my head.

But what of the sewing I have done!? My partner made a lovely inspiration mosaic over on instagram and whilst her sign up form indicated a love of bright colours I picked up a sort of vintage love from the mosaic and once I'd run with that idea I found I'd probably gone a bit more muted than I'd intended or she would have liked. But I'm hoping she likes it just the same.

Mini for my partner

I made yo-yo's/Suffolk punches - first time since I was at infant school and most of the square shaped fabric you see is raw edged and sewing down with mini kantha style mini stitches in rows along and across each piece. 

The rabbit is made from a scrap of Heather Ross double gauze I'd been hoarding for just the right project. The lace circle has been in my stash forever. I'm not sure I've used one before. I think they were another item I was saving just because! It is so liberating to no longer feel so precious about my fabric/stash. The binding was left over from another quilt and I had just enough to bind this little mini. The background fabric is a piece of Essex linen. Apart from sewing down the binding on my machine, ready to hand sew down at the back - everything else has been hand sewn. 

I'm sure if I was more motivated I'd have destashed a lot of my fabric by now. I may start off by sorting out some scraps and putting them on instagram. Just don't hold your breath I'll be back to regularly blogging any time soon. 
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