Sunday, 12 November 2017

No 7. Is finished - My first finish-a-long target is a tick!

I had really hoped that my 3 way wrap scarf would be finished first as I had high hopes of taking it to Scotland when I holidayed there for a week at the end of October. But life got in the way of all things creative. It's only now I'm back and recovered from the coach-lag (is that really a thing? No, Ok I just made that up.) that I'm back sewing.

Right before Scotland I bumped into the decorator who was going to organise some repairs and paint our kitchen before we went away.  I'd totally put that work to the back of my mind, so when he said he could come at the end of the next week, I said OK fine and then had to frantically clear the kitchen. Even a little kitchen has an awful lot of stuff in it. I found things in the backs of cupboards I'd forgotten I had. It was a good job done. Great to get it decorated, but it meant no time for sewing and no space. I normally sew on the dining room table. Everything was decanted onto the table and around the table and on the chairs. I couldn't get to the sewing machine, let alone use it!

My big motivator to get this project done is so I could send it off to a friend for her birthday.  A couple of birthday's ago she knitted me some lovely hand warmers which come on all my cooler weather trips in Gertie and were packed for Scotland too. I thought as she knits too she might like a knitting project bag. I find these so useful for storing projects safely when I'm not working on them. They'd also be great for storing larger sewing projects when you need to keep bigger bits all up together safely.

So I dug out the precut squares. Actually I'd managed to lose the first lot I photographed and in looking for them I found a second lot! Which did save a lot of work cutting out and meant I could get on with sewing at the weekend.

Knitting/project bag

I've decided that scraps are definitely my favourite way of working. I find working with scraps far more liberating than cutting into virgin fabric - particularly bundles. It takes me forever to decided on a plan for them (Hmm maybe that's why they end up in my stash for so long!) and then I worry about having made the wrong decision. I always feel much happier when I've generated some scraps to play with and of course other peoples scraps are always better.

So anyway, back to the project bag: 

Knitting/project bag

I lined it in *that* number print from Ikea. Apparently they no longer stock it! I love that print for linings and backings. The drawer string on the bag is actually a piece of ribbon that has tape measure markings on it. I thought that would be fun.

Knitting/project bag

So there it is. My first finish-a-long item completed. You can find my original list here.  I am already working on the second finish item. Although it has gone slightly off piste. I'll hopefully blog about that next time!


  1. firstly, great to see you blogging. And secondly, a great finish. I love to use scraps too, it feels so much more virtuous and fun if those things can co exist. Like yourself I hate to cut into my virgin fabric, so it lingers and ends up last year's fabric instead of cutting edge around of the crowd!

  2. Brilliant to see you sewing, blogging, and finishing things from your FAL list!! Congratulations on the finish! *waves pompoms*

  3. Congratulations on finishing the project bag! It's really cute! I also love the yellow fabric you used on top. It goes great with the blocks as well as the drawstring ribbon.

  4. Brilliant use of scraps. Well done on your Q4 finish. Jxo


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