Sunday, 19 November 2017

Now No.22 is finished - even if I did go a little off piste

I'm not only enjoying sewing. I'm enjoying blogging too. I've decided to only blog when I'm making or have made something. I think the pressure of trying to put my whole life on all parts of social media were just too much. It would be nice to document my getting back into creativity and it might spur me on to do a bit more blog reading than I have of late.

Anyway, I've gone and done another finish!

Item No22 on my Finish Along List was some Christmassy place mats. If I told you I bought this fabric (charm squares, some kona and a co-ordinating panel of fabric.) when it first came out, you'll have some idea of just how long this has been in my stash. No wonder it took me a while to re-find it. I'd even started cutting out parts of the panel and matching it to the fabric charms. I couldn't quite remember what I'd intended doing with it. Probably a feature panel with smaller squares around it.

The reason I probably didn't finish this sooner is I sort of fell out of love with some of the fabric. I liked all the colour-ways individually. But together I felt sort of meh about them.

Christmas place mats

Then Lily's Quilts was having a destash. (Yes, I've still not forgotten I intend to have one myself. Lets not think about getting rid of fabric when I was tempted to buy!) I haven't bought any fabric for ages. My fabric purchasing this year has gone right down. But this bundle of 20 10" layer cake squares spoke to me and I snapped it up.

Christmas Table Runner and Place Mats

From the moment it arrived I had a plan. I started cutting that very afternoon. I pulled out all the red and cream fabrics from the charm squares above and then cut all but two duplicated large squares in half and generated some more charm squares by cutting them in half again. 

It was at the cutting point I learned something about pre-cuts. Not all are cut equal. These were a bit shy of 10", which might have been something to do with the large zig zagged edges or just a different manufacturers ideas of what 10" is. I ploughed on because if I could remember to sew I surely could remember a bit of seam fudging. (There was plenty of that and a tonne of pins at some stages!)

I think the two fabric ranges mix in nicely, don't you?  The table runner is made of 5" squares. Some of the fabric has such a lovely bold design I didn't want to lose this by cutting out HST's or something. 

Christmas Table Runner and Place Mats

I cut out 2.5" squares for two place mats. There is only really Mum and I over Christmas and even though I'd originally cut fabric for four mats I thought I'd actually maybe like to do two totally different Christmas mats in the future, so I could mix and match and ring the changes. 

Christmas Table Runner and Place Mats

Christmas table mats and runners
Christmas table mats and runners

So here they are finally finished. Is it just me that's never happy with how binding joins on smaller projects? I always seem to end up with a lot of bulk that I end up wrangling. I tried to join these with two different methods and trimmed lots of excess fabric away but still wasn't happy. Thankfully nobody will be inspecting the backs! 

I tell you what though. I'm itching to get on with some more making! 


  1. Love these! The red and white fabrics are so pretty! Nice to reconnect with you in Blogland too.

  2. Love, love, love these. I have been telling myself to make a christmas table runner and mats for years now. Instead I spend the run up to Christmas making presents and some birthday gifts too. x

  3. Glad to see you are blogging again and getting all those unfinished items finished.
    I quite envy you.
    The red and white runner is very festive, congratulations.

  4. These are so great! So happy that you are blogging again!

  5. They're gorgeous and it's lovely to see you blogging again! (I'm intending to write a post before the end of the year to break my duck egg...) I make my binding on small quilts the same way I do on big ones, but it is harder to join the beginning to the end because there isn't as much room...

  6. Pretty festive runners Jan. You know I love red and white! Binding smaller items is hard. Have you ever used Very Kerry Berry's tutorial for single fold binding. It eliminates a good bit of bulk and works pretty well. Was around when we were all making mug rugs, so you might find it in her archives or on a Google search. On behalf of the 2017 FAL hosts, thank you for participating in this quarter's Finish Along.


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