Friday, 5 January 2018

No 21 is a wrap!

I actually started this blog post when I finished this item back in November. But I was waiting to get some decent photos of the wrap ie. me wafting around in it. However, it's taken so long to try and get any pictures of it (decent or otherwise) I'm only slightly exaggerating when I say: it almost took more time to blog about the finish than knit the wrap! That said I have seriously been considering adding the unfinished blog post to the next quarter finish a long list!!! Yes, it's been that bad.

I'm going to blame the weather, poor light and lack of anyone to photograph me in it. I'm hopeless at selfies and I can't even manage in front of mirror shots as the largest mirror is positioned so I can see what I'm wearing but no good for pictures unless you want a lot of other distracting furniture caught in the reflection. And this project does not lend itself to looking good if you're trying to photograph yourself with a hand held device. So excuses made, I'm giving up!

Number 21 on my Finish Along List was really the one I'd wanted to finish first as I'd high hopes of wearing this in Scotland at the end of last October when I went with my Mum. I had visions of wafting around the moors and lochs wrapped up in this. Alas the last few inches seemed to take forever and a day to finish and with all that was going on before the Scotland trip I didn't have chance to add any more to that never ending inch.

I decided to get on with it the other Saturday determined to finish it. (I was nearly derailed when I couldn't remember where I'd put the over sized buttons I needed to fasten it.) There was method in my sudden desire that I had to finish. The day before I'd turned a skein of gifted yarn into two balls with a view to a new project and when I started knitting I had two absolute rules that I've managed to stick by.

Rule No 1: No starting multiple projects. I have one long term project which is my fancy Dr Who Scarf other than that I only start one at a time.

Rule No 2: No hoarding of yarn. To date I have only bought yarn with specific projects in mind. (In the interest of full disclosure; I should mention that I can't remember all the projects I've bought the unused yarn for in my modest stash, which is a tad frustrating when I've bought a certain amount of yarn and can't remember what for!) But compared to fabric I have very little yarn. One and a half bags full at most. I haven't bought any at all this year because this is my first knitting project finish.

Three way Wrap - Two way Version

Oh and it's currently a two way wrap because the spacing in the pattern and the size of buttons didn't work so I had to rejig it and I don't think it now needs that third button.

Three way Wrap - Two way Version


  1. It's gorgeous! Bravo for seeing your way to the end of all that stocking stitch!

  2. Oh so lovely. It was certainly worth finishing it and you will still get lots of chances to wear it, even if not in Scotland. x

  3. Lovely! Hopefully you can find somewhere else to waft around in it. :)

  4. It's so cold, I'm wishing I had a wrap that lovely! Congrats on the finish! On behalf of the FAL crew, thanks for participating!


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