Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Waving because I'm back

First time with short hair in over 10 years! 


I've actually missed blogging for a while now but as I wasn't making and the whole focus of blogs I read has shifted (not just because of my change of interest, but because some great quilting and sewing bloggers have stopped blogging too.) My blog just didn't seem relevant to me or where things have been headed for the last few years. I actually started blogging when I found a whole group of creative people over on Flickr. Many of them were American and kept asking where I blogged. This was the spur on I needed to start my blog. Being part of that community was so encouraging and blogging was something I enjoyed for a long while.

Then things changed. I've lamented all that before, so I won't rehash it. But my reasons and need to blog seemed to fall by the wayside. When I stopped blogging myself I found I wasn't keeping up with other peoples blogs. Sometimes I felt like I was just talking to myself and actually one of the things I really enjoyed was the interaction with my readers. Even when I couldn't answer every comment I did read them all.

Lately I've been reading blogs again. People I've found through Instagram and I've noticed that I'm drawn to blogs that feature homes, gardens, travel and days out. All the things I'd want to blog about these days - especially with plenty of photos thrown in. I can't imagine ever stopping being a photo junkie.

So I'm going to give blogging a go again. There maybe some occasional making and fabric related posts but the emphasis has definitely shifted and I don't make much these days. I appreciate that my existing readership (if there is anyone still out there) might not be so interested in what I have to say these days. But hopefully a few people will hang around for the journey.


  1. Waving right back to you. I have missed your blog posts, please still put in the occasional book post too. x

    1. Will do because I am still reading lots!

  2. Like Kay above, I have missed reading your blogs. I like blog reading and I like blog writing and am genuinely sorry that many of the blogs I used to enjoy have ceased. I realise instagram is more instant, I love it too, but I do like the reading and writing that blogging entails. Welcome back!


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