Monday, 30 July 2018

Books - July Reading

I really hammered my way through books in July and as I read some real goodies I thought I'd do another round up, as I know people are always looking for book recommendations (I know I am!).

It's been all about the thrillers this month - which are my go to favourite reads. First up was A Quiet Vendetta. This was a book that had been sat on my to-be-read pile forever and a day. It's quite a brutal thriller and as with other R J Ellory books it feels like exactly the sort of book that would transfer to a Hollywood movie really well. This story is about a kidnapped Governors daughter and when the kidnapper comes forward and says he'll reveal where she is if a certain man will listen to what he says a story spanning decades of Mafia style crime unfolds.

July Reading

Having read: The Couple Next Door, I thought I'd give this ago. This really is a light quick read, perfect for the beach when you don't want much taxing. I did feel the abrupt style of writing didn't suit me. Again it would probably make a great movie.  It's pretty forgettable once read so I won't try giving you a synopsis.

July Reading

We almost read The Dry for book group. Only there was a second choice of book (it was thinner so the group opted for that!) I hadn't realised when I picked this up in the supermarket, that this was the second in the series with The Dry being the first. It's not crucial you read in order as whilst there is at least one character from the first book the story is very stand alone. I haven't read, The Dry yet, but after this I definitely will. A group of women go on a corporate team building exercise in the bush but get lost. When they get back to civilisation one of their number is missing... and a story unfolds in flash back and real time as to what really went on in the bush during the women's missing days. Set in Australia I'll be amazed if this isn't picked up for a TV series.

July Reading

Next, I switched to my kindle because I had this one to read before I could read the next in the series which I had in paper back. Whilst these do stand alone pretty well, I feel the Rizzoli and Isles books should be read in order so you get the main characters back stories in order and context. I had actually started reading this whilst I was reading Force of Nature, which I wouldn't recommend doing, purely because this novel has some characters go missing in the African bush on safari and it was a bit too similar to Force of Nature in parts for me not start getting confused as to which book I was reading at the time! Anyway, lots of twists and turns in this page turning thriller. 

July Reading

The next Rizzoli and Isles book was up next and I didn't like this one quite as much as Die Again. A good chunk of the book was told by one of the main characters and whilst it did create an is she/isn't she a killer uncertainty all through the book, it didn't seem quite as good as other Rizzoli and Isles books. That said I can see the potential for that main character coming back to feature in other novels.

July Reading

I rarely if ever read hard backs because I just don't like them and of course they are more expensive. So it was a nice surprise to spot this out in paper back in Asda. I'm not going to say anything much about this book because Val McDermid has asked us not to. It's the latest Carol Jordan and Tony Hill book. My neighbour got me into this great crime series and again read in order so you get the back stories.

July Reading

I'm still reading, but I'll leave off what I'm currently reading until I can do a full round up next time. Reading may slow a bit as I've started a knitting project. That deserves it's very own blog post soon. 


  1. I have read The Dry and really liked it, crime is probably my favourite genre, although I don't like anything too gory or violent. I have been doing a lot of rereading at the moment including the series by Carlos Ruiz Zafon which begins with Shadow of the Wind as the fourth and final par to the series is due out in September. I am currently working my way through some very light books by Alexander Mccall Smith called which begin with The Sunday Philosophy Club and are easy to read mysteries set in Edinburgh. On top of that I am slowly reading Gone with the Wind s it is one of the few classic I haven't read that I thought I should. x

    1. I have the second in The Shadow of the Wind books to read but hadn't realised there are more in the series. I read the Shadow of the Wind when it first came out and loved it - although not sure if I can remember too much about it. No idea why I've not read the second book but I had actually thought I'd read it next.

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