Tuesday, 24 July 2018

My Cottage Garden Highlights in July

Now before I get on with this post I must just mention how much the whole not being notified of comments to my blog via email is irritating me. It's a world wide fault with blogger and seems to have nothing to do with GDPR even though the timing was similar. Even ticking the notify box in comments did not mean I got notified of any comments! 

I finally thought I got it all sorted last week by following some advice about having to delete your email address and re add it as I left test comments and got notified...then I noticed today a comment that had been left since I hadn't been notified about. 

I am trying switching to moderated comments as that might now be a factor. But how I moderate comments if it still doesn't let me know that there is a comment there I'm not sure - so we will see and in the mean time I'm responding to comments on the actual blog, which I know is not as personal as when we could just ping emails back and forth. 

Anyway, enough of that and onto the garden round up. My garden, like many others in the UK is suffering in the heat wave. For those outside of the UK we have a heat wave that's been going on for over a month now and is said to be on a par with with the big heatwave of 1976. Reservoirs have dried up and the temperatures in the south east have been hotter than the Med and not just for our usual day or so. But literally every day and night. There is little flowering apart from bedding plants in tubs that love the dry conditions . In fact tubs and the veg are all I'm watering right now.

My cut and come again lettuce was close to bolting and was bitter tasting and so I thought I'd pull it out. I'd pulled out two clumps when I looked down and saw Mr Toad had been sheltering underneath. Never seen a toad in the garden before. Although Mum has twice in her 85 years at the cottage - just not in my life time. I decided to leave the other lettuces in place so he could have some predator cover while he does his good work of eating the nasties that might want to eat my veg.

Veg bed visitor in July

Veg bed visitor in July

The other Saturday I was sat on the side patio reading my book when I saw and heard some strange movements in the undergrowth. We'd had fledgling blackbirds hidden under bushes, so I assumed it was them. I went to investigate anyway. For ages I couldn't see anything, whatever it was was lifting up a whole tray of plants. For an awful moment I thought it was a rat, then up popped Mr Mole! 

July in my Cottage Garden

July in my Cottage Garden

No sign of mole hills or tunnels. When he decided he'd had enough he followed the edge of the wall around and crossed under the summer house coming out by another low wall, which it must have climbed, as I could hear him making his way along the fence line rustling leaves. He then disappeared behind the shed - presumable to go into the field. He was above ground for the whole journey and I got the feeling he knew exactly where he was going.

My Cottage garden in July

My quadgrows are full of tomatoes - so much so they toppled over with the weight of them. I have two with cucumber plants in them and am on my 6 large cucumber, with the promise of more to come. I am completely impatient for tomatoes to turn red.

Fledgling blackbirds have been all over the garden and boy are they noisy.


The only colour in my garden is pretty much from bedding at the moment. I went down with a flu type virus on July 1st and have been struggling ever since so I've not done more than water and potter. The thought of kicking up dust in the baked, hot front garden just doesn't do it for me or my hacking cough!


July in my cottage garden

So far I've had broad beans, a couple of courgettes, spring onions and these dwarf French beans chief gave me have produced a surprisingly big crop. Not eaten them yet though.
July in my cottage garden

I'm definitely growing all the Zinnias next year. I just have one this year that chief gave me.
My Cottage garden in July

Yes, it's been scorching nearly every day. We've had a couple of evening rain showers, but nothing significant.  Don't get me wrong I do like hot weather, but having not been well and seeing how older people like my mum are struggling with the weather, I sort of long for some good old British rain. Not least so I can stop with all the watering and get on with some weeding in ground that isn't like concrete.
Sun setting as viewed from the secret garden


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